Jan. 15th, 2010

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I think I'm coming down with a cold. Goodie :P

I spent all of yesterday cleaning the house. One of the things I ended up having to do was sort through Trevor's clothing. That's always a tough job.

Of course, the news from Haiti is all over the place right now (as it should be), and therefore, it was heavily on my mind as I was sorting through clothing. I was putting away everything Trevor's outgrown and sorting out the stuff in his size from when Toby was that age. (It sucks having had both my kids in December, but it's also awesome as the hand-me-downs are appropriate seasonally.) Anyway, my kids tend to be gentle on their clothing, so most of it I packed away to give to my sister/consign/give to charity.

However, there were items that I was curious about. These were pajamas. Most of these pajamas were worn by both boys. They have no holes or stains, but they are faded and getting that threadbare appearance. There is no way I can use them anymore- my kids simply do not fit into them, and I don't want any more kids. And frankly, under normal circumstances, I wouldn't even think of donating them, just because of their appearance. But on the other hand, they might not be attractive, but they are still serviceable. And I think about all the people that are going without... it bugs me on some level. I mean, don't get me wrong- I have no issues with donating clothing, and will do it happily if needed (although it seems like more organizations prefer you send money. Which is too bad, because I've got a LOT of baby clothing I'd very happily donate, as well as toys. But on the other hand, believe me, there are people around here who could use those donations pretty badly too.) So, yeah. It just felt weird to toss those jammies, but they really were pretty threadbare.

On the total opposite end of the spectrum, one of my best friends is coming to visit this weekend. And my wonderful, fantastic husband has offered to take the kids all afternoon and evening tomorrow so that we can do whatever we want. For some reason I feel horribly guilty about it, but not enough not to take him up on it. Now I'm debating where to go to dinner. My friend is a foodie as well, so I want to go someplace interesting. We don't take the kids out to super-interesting places a lot (we stick to more family oriented restaurants), and we don't get out a lot on our own. I'm so excited about this.

I also posted fic last night: Every Man Must Choose His Way. Hmmm- I forgot to post on [livejournal.com profile] bsg2003fics, and I really should, because it's gen fic with Felix and BILLY! An AU where Billy survives the gunshot on Cloud 9 and he and Felix become good friends. This is one for the timestamp meme, believe me, because I'd be REALLY interested to see how the mutiny would go in this universe. And now that that's written, I can finally read other fics. Phew!

Wow. We get a heck of a lot more traffic at MRFH than I realized. 771 hits in one day? AWESOME.


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