Jan. 28th, 2010

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Ugh. So, Toby was MISERABLE all yesterday, coughing and congested and mucus coming from the eyes. And last night I could hear him coughing all night long, and when he woke up this morning his eyes were really gooky and he had a fever (101- nothing high). So, I called and made an appointment with the doctor. The coughing has been going on for a while now- I actually had him in last week, although more because I knew Trevor had an ear infection. Then, the doctor said it was a cold.

Of course, this morning I gave him some Pediacare and some Motrin, and now he seems back to where he was. He's still clearly not top of his game, but the fever's gone, he's not coughing nearly as intensely, and he's playing. He also has barely eaten a thing today.

Should I still take him? Or call and cancel the appointment? I don't want to waste the doctor's time.

(For the record, I'm mainly concerned it's a sinus infection more than anything else.)
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I was reading a webcomic today- The Least I Could Do, and the author, Alex Sohmer (hee! HP people on my list will get why I find that funny!) mentioned a video series called The Vice Guide To Travel. He recommended watching the Liberia one, and I'm totally seconding that. It's here. There are eight parts. Be sure you watch all eight, because it really does end on a note of hope.

This is the kind of video that opens eyes and makes you wonder what the hell you can do in this world besides just give money. Don't watch this one at work. Also, don't watch it if you've got heavy triggers, because the conditions described in this, and the things people did in the war in Liberia and that still happen... they are terrible. Rape, cannibalism, child violence, child molestation, drug use... look. If you can think of it, it's in there. And if you don't want to think of it, that's a guarantee it's in there.

It's harrowing. I've been trying all night to come up with something more to say, and I have to give up because I'm exhausted and because I need to finish another article before I go to bed. So, I'll just say watch this one. Just heed the warnings- they're here for a reason.


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