Feb. 4th, 2010

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Ugh. This sinus infection has knocked me flat on my ass. Yesterday was the first day I actually felt like getting up off the couch at all. I still don't feel great- I just felt like I could move.

We had a tiny little snowfall of maybe two inches. Being from various regions of the true upstate New York (aka- defined as more than just "not New York City"), it never ceases to amuse or annoy me how two little inches of snow freaks the entire community out around here. All the schools were on a two hour delay. Fortunately, Toby's preschool was run by people with sense, and they had class. And I'm very glad, because I was feeling guilty about not being able to take Toby out to play in the snow. Between me being sick and Trevor still having an ear infection, it just wasn't possible. But when we were at school, one of my friends (Toby's best buddy's mom) offered that I could bring Toby over for the afternoon and leave him. This was the first time I've done that- actually leave Toby to play. Mainly because he's just getting into the right age where he's pretty self-sufficient for a few hours, and he actually plays with other kids. Plus, Trevor's old enough now that I'm comfortable reciprocating.

Anyway, it went great. The boys had a blast, and my friend said she barely had to do a thing for a while because they were so busy playing with the dinosaurs. When I came they were all playing outside, and they were obviously having a great time. Her little boy is a joy and we have similar parenting styles, so next week I think we're having a little company. And I got a little rest- I didn't sleep, but Trevor did, so I could put my feet up and relax.

I stayed up way too late the other night watching LOST. Reactions to the episode )

Hoping to get some writing done today- my writing mojo has been shot while I've been sick. But I really ought to write a review of something, I've got the Vinnie the One ficlet for [livejournal.com profile] grey_sw and the Gaeta/Hoshi one for [livejournal.com profile] kappamaki33. But they might all get trumped by Not Where I Belong, because I'm almost to a scene I've been DYING to write for a long, long time. But I think I need to deal with kidlets first.
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On the off chance someone hasn't signed up for it, [livejournal.com profile] bsg_remix signups end in three days! (February 7) Last year it was a fantastic challenge and a lot of fun, and it looks like it will be this year, too. Come one, come all!

I need to make calzones more often. I've never seen Toby clean his plate so fast with a new food, and Trevor gobbled it down as well, although he clearly did not like the ricotta cheese parts.

Also, happy birthday [livejournal.com profile] tin_o_biscuits!

And because I'm BORED and this is always a fun one:

Give me one character and I will tell you:

1. OTP for them.
2. Runner-up pairing.
3. Hono(u)rable mention(s).
4. Crack pairing(s).
5. Ship everyone else seems to like, but I don't.

HP, BSG, TWW, FF, and any other acronyms you've ever seen me discuss :)


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