Feb. 11th, 2010

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Well, Trevor slept last night, which means I slept last night, so things are better. I could have done without Trevor getting up so early, but as it is, I won't complain. I think I'm going to take him to the doctor today though, just to get his ears checked out. His nose is really running again, and two nights up like that... I think last night he slept just because he was so TIRED.

I feel like I ought to attempt taking the kids out in the snow again, too. Even if they mainly play in the driveway. Actually, what I really should do is see if some of Toby's buddies are home. Playing in the snow is always more fun when you have a friend.

I'm looking forward to posting tomorrow's chapter of Not Where I Belong. I've been sitting on it for a week, but I've done the serial thing before and I know not to post early, because I never know when I'll have trouble with another chapter, so getting ahead is good. (And Chapter 4 is hard, for reasons that will be obvious soon enough.) I'm very amusedly wondering how long this sucker is going to be. I have totally lost my ability to write short. Oh well.

We did remix assignments last night, so those should be in mailboxes in the next 24 hours! I have to say, the "How far I want to be pushed out of my comfort zone" question made things a LOT easier. Well, I hope. I hope everyone is excited about their assignments. But I know remix can be scary, but one of the luxuries about doing a challenge that's not huge (compared to like, an R/S challenge or the multifandom remix) is that we can accommodate what people want. But I have to admit, I'm extremely, extremely excited about who I got assigned. (I know I had some control over it, but still. I wasn't going to say who I wanted until we had everyone matched up and it became clear that this person wasn't an ideal match for someone else.)

I've got a few other things that are lurking at the edges of my brain, too. I've got most of the first chapter of the Hoshi backstory for ALTLUT on this computer now, and should post that. I don't know how long that one will take, but I also don't know how many people will read it. It's so Hoshi-centric, set before the series even takes place, and unless you've read ALTLUT, you're probably not overly interested in it. Plus, if any of my stories could get jossed by Caprica, this is the one since so much of it takes place planetside. I still have to finish Teacher's Pet, and I've got the Pigs In Space crossover still lurking. I'm also sitting on a review of The Kite Runner that just needs a few details added, and I have an article about Romantic Comedies that needs finishing SOON, because it's perfect for around V-Day.

I also have a bunny that I've been sort of dying to play with, and I keep wondering how I should write it. I am a firm believer that The Woman King should have been done with Gaeta instead of Helo, and the more I think about it, the more I think I'm right. In addition to not making Helo look so self-righteous, it sets up more tensions between Adama and Gaeta, allows Tom Zarek to have a role where he can be RIGHT without making Adama and Roslin look stupid, gives us a little background for Gaeta and Zarek, and brings Hoshi into the light a little more so he can have a personality. I really think the writers made a mistake in not using the Pegasus characters more, and that there was so much unmined potential there. (I'd love to have seen a Pegasus-integrating-to-Galactica arc, personally.) I'm just not quite sure how to write it.

I suppose I should write while Sesame Street is on. I think I'll open up Cally and the Romcoms article, and go back and forth between them. That should give me a REALLY nice headache :)


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