Feb. 21st, 2010

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Random questions and comments:

1.) When I get to my goal weight, I am so going over to ThinkGeek and going on a t-shirt buying spree. There are too many awesome ones over there.

2.) Does anyone know an inexpensive way to learn a not-commonly-taught-in-America language? (I'm looking for Pashto.) I don't need to be fluent, but I'd like to pick up some phrases for a book I'm writing, and learn a bit about just how to read it. In a vaguely related question, does anyone have any recommendations for good non-fiction books on Afghanistan? Ones they've read and found excellent? The more recent, the better.

3.) I know I have several law-types on my list; when does something stop being a pop-culture reference and start owing royalties? The specific example is that I have a character who very much wants a light saber. I can see this being a very off-handed comment, but I also would love to hand him something similar, although it wouldn't actually be a light saber- different colors, construction, and no funky noises, etc.

4.) I posted Part 4 of Not Where I Belong the other day. I'm having way too much fun with this fic. I think I also need to post A Lot to Live Up To at [livejournal.com profile] bsg_shadows. Maybe tomorrow.

5.) Must also do recipes tomorrow, but must sleep tonight. I had a nasty GI bug on Thursday. It was a 24 hour thing, but it wiped me out. :P

Have a good night!


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