Feb. 25th, 2010

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Ugh. This is just one of those days.

It's snowing outside, and hard. The roads look pretty clear for right now, but I think going anywhere is just out of the question, because I don't have to go anywhere. We have tons of food in the fridge, no one needs a doctor (please let it stay that way!), and we don't even have plans. So we're in for the day, and I am BORED. I'm also tired. The one thing about the meds I'm taking for PMDD- they knock me out pretty badly. I feel like I've taken NyQuil.

I've almost got this week's chapter of Not Where I Belong done, at least the rough. It's a long one this week, because when you hit the mutiny, you pretty much have to put it all in one chapter. And let's just say I'm really, really pissed now that they killed Cally, because I like to think this version actually should have happened. It's not a huge change at all, but it still makes me annoyed. I also really need to get started on my remix. I know EXACTLY what I'm doing, I just know it's going to be long and I need to get moving. Plus, I've got to do some reviews for MRFH. I wish I felt like writing.

Got a few books on Afghanistan from the library. I'm really looking forward to working on this project- it's starting to take a little more shape, and I figured out a good way for the book to start that's exciting and that leads nicely into the big plot. I'm also really excited because I THINK I have a title. (I do and I don't. I know the title is the name of the bar, which I THINK is Adamaey Rising. The "Rising" part is right- the "Adamaey" part is a possible translation of "Humanity" into Pashto.) But the point is, a title is good, because it usually means I know the big, overarching plot of my story. This makes me happy and hopefully means I've got a good grip on the project, even though it's in very early stages.

Trevor's still grabbing at his ear a bit. I can't call the doctor because he HAS improved, and he's still on the antibiotics. (The doctor put him on for three weeks this time, as well as a course of steroids.) If this doesn't work, we're going to tubes. Gah. Can we just get to the tubes already? I don't really mean that- I appreciate that my doctor doesn't want to jump into surgery and wants to see if we can resolve this with medicine. I think it's just because I've had so many rounds of tubes. I think we might call early intervention about his speech, too. His vocabulary is improving, but he's still not saying any consonants except for "r". (Or c in words like "car", "cookie", or "cupcake".) He does better if he's naming his letters, but speech is still really unclear. Worst that can happen-slash-best that can happen is they'll tell me he doesn't qualify because he's fine. But early intervention is FREE until he's 3, so if I can take advantage of my tax dollars at work, I will.

Amusingly, Toby has vision, hearing, and speech tests at preschool. They cost a little, and I'm half-wondering if I should even bother with the speech one. Aside from the occasional lapse, the kid is incredibly articulate. (Although it amuses me- and I find it totally adorable- that he never says "animal" right. It's always "aminal.") And this isn't just proud mama talking- the doctors and the therapists down at CHOP were constantly commenting about his speech. In theory, snow nonwithstanding, I have my parent-teacher conference with his teachers tomorrow- I'll ask them for their thoughts. Apparently, right now he's got half the class on a "sea slug" rampage. They are constantly playing "sea slugs."

Seriously. Sea slugs. With all the creatures he's fascinated with, they play sea slugs. Oh well. At least they aren't pretending to shoot each other.

I've been thinking a lot about CHOP this month, because it's now been a year since we were in eating boot camp. I seriously can't believe the difference. It was absolutely the best thing we could have done for him, and it just amazes me. Last year, he would eat muffins, waffles, a jelly sandwich, baby oatmeal, yogurt, and applesauce, and not much else. Tonight I'm making calzones because he asked me to. He eats pretty much any fruit except raspberries (which I discourage anyway- they're MINE, damn it! :) ), he eats carrots, broccoli, green beans, and tomatoes, he eats sandwiches, he eats pretty much any meat as long as I don't put sauce on it (but marinade is okay).... He doesn't like pasta much (except Kraft mac n cheese), and he doesn't like anything that a bite is made up of small pieces, like corn or peas or small pastas or rice. He loves pizza, which he wouldn't have touched last year. Not much a fan of potatoes (even french fries), but is perfectly happy to eat a fruit cup, apple slices, or one of his veggies that he likes. It just constantly amazes me, and I am so grateful. We don't do the structured mealtimes anymore, where he has to take five bites of five foods- I just put a plate in front of him and tell him to eat. Yeah, we have our battles, but we do with Trevor, too. It was a long, hard battle, but boy, am I glad we fought it.

I should do something today. Clean the house, make cookies with the kids, something. :P I just feel like curling up and taking a nap. Oh well.
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Success!!!!! I have found a chocolate chip cookie recipe that I think I like!!!! WHOOHOO!!!! All praise Alton Brown.

Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies )

I'm so not seeing a loss tomorrow on the scale, I suspect. But the kids had fun helping me make the cookies.

BORED TODAY. And everything I'm supposed to write isn't getting me revved and going. Anyone feel like prompting? I never ficlet, time stamp... whatever. I can't promise anything, but like I said, I'm bored.
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I'm chatty today.

Normally, I don't engage in political debate. But this? A bill making it possible to prosecute women for having miscarriages if "reckless" behavior can be demonstrated? This pushes all my buttons. NO. N. O. NO. (It's a state bill, btw- not a national one.)

Ranting underneath )

::goes off to write an email to the governor of Utah.::


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