Mar. 11th, 2010

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Gah- bored out of my mind. This is one of those days- I feel like being active and I want to get OUT, but I'm not sure what to do. The air is warm enough, but I think it's supposed to rain today, and the parks are still really muddy. Parks aren't really an option. I think all our friends are busy or recovering. I would actually take the kids to a bounce place, but I'm still recovering from the surgery, and Trevor likes to go down the tallest slides he can find and needs help climbing the stair-ladders that are on those bouncy things. This would most definitely strain my abdomen. I don't want to take them to Chick-Fil-A because we're going to go out to dinner tomorrow night since Howard won't be home for dinner. (CFA is the one place in the area with an indoor play place.) Library doesn't open until 12. WHAT DO I DO WITH THESE KIDS ALL MORNING????

The real answer? I should probably just let them run around the house and do housework. Lord knows I need to- the house is a disaster. ::sigh:: I could also go to Lowe's or something and pick out some sample colors for the living room. I'm in that spring cleaning, I want a change mood, and we've decided that painting the living room is an easy, inexpensive change (compared to, say, finishing the basement or replacing the sliders with French doors.) But we all know how I feel about housework.

I do have lots of writing to do today. I need to finish Chapter 6 of Not Where I Belong, which is a tough chapter. BTW- how much time was there between the mutiny and when Ellen came back to Galactica? I thought there was quite a bit (and I hope, because I didn't plan on Ellen and Boomer showing up yet this chapter, except maybe at the end), but I guess I'd better ask. I also want to get moving on my remix (won't happen today, I'm sure) and a review and now I need to keep momentum going on The Struggles Make You Stronger, and one of these days I need to do my EP for [ profile] twelvecolonies. I thought I knew what I was doing, but I keep changing my mind.

So, to procrastinate housework...

This is how it works. Whoever started this meme left five "clues," which were passed onto me via my flist. I've responded with the five four stories that met the criteria of the clues. You can do so too, should you wish, and/or leave a clue for me. The clues can be anything from "Your favorite story" to "Story in which the most characters died" to "A story that includes both a threesome and a wrench."

These are the original five clues:
1. Your story with the closest word count to 1,662 words.
2. Your story in the rarest fandom you write in.
3. The longest story you've ever written.
4. The story that's title starts with the last letter of your user name.
5. Story written for your favorite prompt you've ever gotten.

1.) Tie Me To the Bedpost. Yes, I do occasionally write things this short :) Tie Me To the Bedpost clocks in at 1,681 words.

2.) Breaking Dawn, which is in Atlas Shrugged. Does that count as a fandom? Yuletide makes this question kind of funny, I guess. There's also Our Very Special Guest Stars and Retribution, which are crossovers with the Muppets and Dollhouse. Okay. I can't think, because now I just got the image of crossing over the Muppets and the Dollhouse, and just NO.

3.) Not sure. There are two possibilities: Accidentally In Love, which if I ever finished it would probably win, and The Space Between Us which weighs in even heavier if you count the near-prequel, Honor and Duty, and the time-stamp fics Battles Still Unfought, But That Was When I Ruled the World, Pictures of You, and Sunny Days Sweeping the Clouds Away.

4.) I have a lot of stories beginning with T, even without counting the "The"s. From HP, Ten Galleons, and from BSG, The Touch of Your Grace.

5.) Favorite prompt... I think my favorite prompts are the one that come out of other people's comments. A lot of my favorite stories have come that way. I think my favorite, though, is Though I Speak With the Tongues of Men and Angels, which came from [ profile] shaggydogstail pointing out that Sirius would have been christened, and jokes about Sirius being an altar boy. Seriously- how can you NOT love the prompt "Altar boy Sirius"???? (And of course, He That Believeth In Me came from THAT.) But I love the ones that sound ludicrous, and then I can turn around and make them serious. Those are the best :)

Okay, housework, right? (Or Cally?)


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