Mar. 19th, 2010

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I'm going to be a little late with Cally, since she's really dragging her feet on what I want her to do (and because I keep losing writing time to errands), but it should be up by the end of tomorrow.

This is kind of interesting: The Same-Sex Crush version of You Belong With Me, by Taylor Swift. Yes, I admit, I kind of like Taylor Swift (what can I say? I listen to country music), and I'm pretty sure Toby has a huge crush on her. (He very much gravitates to blond country singers- other women of choice have included Jennifer Nettles and Carrie Underwood.)

I'm not crazy about the original video, because it really goes for the whole girls with glasses = utter outcasts thing. You know, where she takes off her glasses and suddenly she's hot? However, I'll give the guy in the video credit- he clearly likes her before she does that. Anyway, the linked version is almost exactly shot for shot, so the ludicrous outfit changes and dancing at the beginning? That's in the original, too. The only change is that the jock plays baseball instead of football, which I suspect is a budget thing. And like in the original, the ending- and the fact that it's pretty clear the jock's realized he really likes the geek for a while now gives the whole thing some dignity, as does the fact the jock was actually afraid to say something because he doesn't automatically assume the geek will fall for his popular jockiness.

Other news... I bought the stuff to make vegan chocolate pie. I went over to [ profile] aome's the other day for a very, very nice visit, and aside from her excellent soup, she let me try her vegan chocolate pie. I have seen recipes that use tofu and have been skeptical. In interest of full disclaimer, she told me before hand, but she swore you couldn't taste it. Most people, I still would have been wary, but I trust [ profile] aome, so I did. And she was right. I was AMAZED. And Trevor couldn't stop eating it.

I've started posting some of my stuff over at AO3. I'm not sure that I'll move everything over there- maybe I will- but I've been a little amused by it. It doesn't seem like much of the BSG fandom reads over there, but it's a little more... I don't know. But I do know I like the look of the stories when I post them over there. They look a little more professional, a little cleaner and sleeker. I also really need to still read a few big fics (OotB2 and Voice of Reason come to mind), but I'd better finish writing first.

That said... come on, Cally. We all have to do things we don't want to do....


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