Mar. 23rd, 2010

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I should be working on Cally frantically. I'm ready to put this one to bed. However, I'm watching Sesame Street with the kids and remembering when I was pregnant with Trevor, and I'd turn Sesame Street on for Toby and take a nap. That sounds so appealing right now.

Huh. Adam Sandler is on Sesame Street to talk about "crunchy". Hehe. He wasn't even annoying.

I made the vegan pie recipe that [ profile] aome gave me. It tasted like hers (yay!), but didn't go over very well with hubby. Same reason your husband didn't like it, [ profile] aome- he wasn't crazy about the bittersweet. Too rich. I'm afraid to tamper with the recipe though, and try a different flavor of chocolate. The in-laws ate it, although I don't know their verdict since I wasn't home.

I'm in the mood to write some fluff. You know what I kind of want to write? The Gaeta/Hoshi wedding from The Space Between Us. The problem is I can't decide what sort of wedding they'd have- civil or religious. I mean, Hoshi started the fic as religious and ended up being pissed at the gods, and Felix started the fic as atheist and ended up with head!Dee. I'm sort of leaning towards civil. The wedding doesn't happen right away- it takes place like two years after the settlement. It's a small affair anyway. I don't know. It would just be a little tiny ficlet.

I'm also dying to post the ficlet I wrote for [ profile] twelvecolonies. It's just a little thing, but I really like it. I need to make a graphic for the mix tape challenge, too. I'm bad at making graphics, though, and the only program I really have (that I know of) is Paint. I think I'll make a note.

Okay. Write, or something....

ETA: OMG- TOO CUTE! The Sesame Street episode was about Cookie Monster trying to grow a cookie tree. Trevor just brought a little plastic tree to me and held it out... "Cookie tree?"


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