Mar. 29th, 2010

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Those are the lyrics to a country song- "I don't have to be me til Monday / Friday, Saturday Sunday / Ain't gonna face reality / Three days without punching a time clock / Three nights going non-stop / No work and all play / I don't have to be me til Monday."

If you can't tell, I went on vacation this weekend.

The funny thing is, it's so not true. It was more like I got to be me this weekend- just me. Not Mom, not housewife, just ME. I went down to visit my best friend in North Carolina. However, we did not stay in North Carolina. Instead, we went to Charleston, SC, to run in the Cooper River Bridge Run 10K. And it KICKED ASS!!!!! )

So, yeah. AMAZING weekend. And my amazing husband took care of the kids and all, and I was SO happy to see all three of them when I came home. I really desperately needed to recharge my batteries, and this was perfect. Seriously perfect. I'm looking forward to September, when at least three of the five of us run the Philly half marathon. (And then in November, I am hopefully doing the Philly full marathon.)

I have a ton of writing to do. I need to finish Cally and my remix for [ profile] bsg_remix. I haven't pimped it, but I should- the big, multifandom Remix signups are open. I also want to sign up for [ profile] lgbtfest, although I'm not sure what prompt I'm going to pick. I need to look better- there aren't a lot of BSG prompts, but heck- last time I used an any fandom prompt. I also have the Zarek family fluff piece I'm doing in The Space Between Us universe, which I really want to play with and post soon. I saw that [ profile] bsg_bigbang sign-ups are opening soon- as long as crossovers are eligible, I think I'm going to use Agency for that. (BSG/Dollhouse crossover) Plus, I've been trying to get so much else done. Busy busy busy!!!!!


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