Mar. 30th, 2010


Mar. 30th, 2010 11:03 am
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Posting mainly because so many of you have been awesome with advice and support.

Early intervention just left. Well, they left a little while ago. Lots of good news- they said that Trevor is doing great, and is actually a little advanced in his speech and expression. News to me, but they meant about his vocabulary, and stringing words together, and expressing his emotions. They said I really don't notice that because I have Toby, who amused them to no end.

He does not qualify for Early Intervention, which hell, is GREAT. It means he's fine. The speech therapist said she's seen lots of kids like him, and to get him to an ENT as soon as possible. She says there's very clearly fluid in his ears, and it hurts to close his mouth to talk. She commented about how he talks much better when he's standing than when he's lounging around or lying down. So, I called CHOP and made an ENT appointment. I've been hovering on that anyway, and this really is not any sort of shock. (Seriously. I still have tubes.)

My mom's bugging me again to take the kids to a pediatrician rather than a GP, which isn't necessarily bad advice, it's just that it's my mom bugging me, you know? Very mature on my part, but this is life.

So, ears. I'm actually very happy, because it's nice that they can say "this is what's wrong, and it has a solution." It makes me feel a lot better.

COMPLETELY unrelated, I've been meaning to say- last week's LOST was awesome. Dear BSG writers, THIS is how you do an exposition backstory episode!!!! Richard's episode totally pwned Sam's No Exit (sorry Sam, but it did). Also watched Caprica last night, and really, do we HAVE to have hiatuses? (And yes, the opera was pretty :) ) But yeah. LOST tonight! Whoohoo!

Okay. I think I'm heading to Boscov's to see about that dress for my BIL's wedding.


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