Apr. 8th, 2010

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It looks like another gorgeous day, but why am I wearing shorts in April? I know I said I wanted warm, but I was thinking, like, 60's. (Which is warm compared to what it was a few weeks ago.)

[livejournal.com profile] bsg_remix is starting to get crazy. We just passed the seventh, so extension requests and dropouts should all be in. I hope so, anyway :P Now to find pinch hitters. If any of you guys reading would like to pinch hit, please let me know. PLEASE NOTE: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE IN THE REMIX CHALLENGE TO PINCH HIT!!!! The deadline would be around April 24, possibly even later. If you ARE in the challenge, you need to submit your first fic first. I know a few of you have done that....

Of course, I need to get my ass in gear on my own remix. Once again, it will be dead obvious who I am, I'm sure. Oh well.

The big remix pushed everything back a week because of AO3 coding issues. Can I just say that, as excited as I am to get my assignment, I'm glad??? Because between [livejournal.com profile] bsg_remix, [livejournal.com profile] lgbtfest, and other writing projects, I could use the time.

Speaking of writing, the next three writing questions! )

Also speaking of writing, for my own reference: writing to-do list/WIP meme :) List and the 'post a random line' meme underneath )

I've started posting my stuff over at AO3. I have to admit, I like how the finished product looks. I was amused, though. I hit the BSG fandom, and then sorted by wordcount. There are 913 fics there. When sorted by wordcount from most to least, three of mine were in the top five. One thing I did learn: A Lot to Live Up To is longer than The Space Between Us. (They were #1 and #2, and I think Youth's Final Luxury was #4.)

I need to get shoes today. Not running shoes- just regular shoes. My feet have REALLY been hurting a lot these days, and I actually think it's my every day shoes. I've had the same pair for over a year, and I wear them pretty much every day. I'm hard on shoes, and I roll my feet out when I walk- a fact that is very evident from the way the shoes are badly worn. I've been wearing sandals the past few days, and I'm feeling differences in my feet. I think I'd better hit the Sketchers store/outlet today. (It's definitely not my running shoes. I just bought a good pair recently. I'm much better about changing my running shoes than I am my everyday ones.) I'm debating if I should go to the outlets or King of Prussia. There really isn't much of a price difference, and both places have tons of shoe stores. The outlets have sunshine, KoP has a bigger selection. KoP also has JC Penney's and Old Navy, and I really ought to rummage through the kids' clothes before we go. Plus, there's lunch. KoP has a lot more selection for me for lunch. (The kids will invariably want cheese pizza... oh, WAIT!!!!! We could go to Peace-a-Pizza at KoP!!!) But I feel so bad being inside on a day like today. But there is an awesome park down there... Hmmm....

I also printed out my marathon training schedule. marathon talk )

I was going to wax poetic on the Princess Diaries, but I ought to use the rest of Sesame Street to write or to sort the kids' clothes. Yay.


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