Apr. 9th, 2010

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LJ is being putzy. Grr.

I'm grumpy today, so I seem to be indulging in retail therapy. However, it's not typical retail therapy. I FINALLY bought a RoadID, which I should have bought ages ago. If you run or bike or anything like that, it's worth investing in one: website is here. I also bought a family membership to the Elmwood Zoo. Given that an adult admission is 11.50 and a kids' admission is 8.50 (and that's for 2 and up), and with a membership it's free admission for all four of us plus two guests every time we go... My mom's coming next week and I want to take the kids with her, and then my sister is planning on bringing her daughter, and we've talked about going with friends, and hey- [livejournal.com profile] aome, want to grab the girls and go? :) PLUS we get half-off any time we want to go to the Philadelphia Zoo. (Sadly, guests don't apply to that part, and the Adventure Aquarium isn't on the reciprocal program.) So, a zoo membership and a RoadID. Maybe I will go shoe shopping. I don't know.

I also got my femgenficathon prompt today:

113) ...do authors who write Indian romances love the nation they endeavour successfully or unsuccessfully to describe? Do they, like Tecumseh, say, "And I, who love your nation, which is just, when deeds deserve it," or is the Indian introduced into literature but to lend a dash of vivid colouring to an otherwise tame and somber picture of colonial life? It looks suspiciously like the latter reason, or why should the Indian always get beaten in the battles of romance, or the Indian girl get inevitably the cold shoulder in the wars of love? -- Pauline Johnson (Tekahionwake--literally "double life" ) (1861-1913) Mohawk Canadian poet, short story writer, journalist and performer.

this is very interesting, given that I've been writing so much BSG. On the one hand, while I have meta feminist issues, I'll give RDM a LOT of credit within canon. His women do not face significant in-canon obstacles just because they are women, and I don't really see some of this happening (wait for it) among the humans. MOSTLY. (They just had to deal with their creator killing them all off if they weren't Cylons.)

However, there were some very insidious class implications wandering around (intentionally on RDM's part). I could easily do something with Dee being Sagittarion, or Cally being a knuckledragger. Or, even more.... post-Earth II fic from the point of view of a Six or an Eight. Yeah there's some stuff here to work with. Although I kind of like the idea of Dee dealing with being Sagittaron, because, y'know, the Sagittarons didn't BLOW UP 99.9% OF HUMANITY. (I'm just saying- the Colonials still have some good reasons to treat the Cylons like the villains in their minds. ALL of the Cylons- guys, too. The Cylons will be dealing with othering, but frankly, in that case- with canon characters- it's understandable.)

Dee and romance novels. I like that idea.

Also, Writing question #9 )

Now. Just to figure out what the heck I want to do with the rest of my evening. It's nice, and hubby is at a bachelor party for his brother. Do I take the kids out to the outlets (they'll be thrilled- NOT) and then the park there and to dinner? Or do we hang out here?

The outlets may win. I REALLY need shoes, and with everything we have to do this weekend, I don't see myself getting a couple of hours off to go shopping, especially if I want to run. Yeah, I think the outlets may win....


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