Apr. 18th, 2010

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Ugh. Titles. I HATE titles. I thought I had a good title for my BSG remix, and now I'm not liking it. I'm not liking the new title, either. I love the parenthetical title, though. I also have yet to have it betaed. Anyone want to take a shot?

I think I might have figured out what I'm doing for the multi-fandom remix. It is a shock to me, and if I do it, it's not a fandom I've ever written before. But I think it will be fun. But note to self: KEEP IT SHORT. (And by short, I mean under 20,000 words.) There's too much else to do.

Went to BIL's wedding last night. It was a very nice wedding- they had it at an Italian restaurant. I really, really liked the vows- I don't remember everything in them word for word, but it was an excellent summation of marriage. I do remember encourage you, inspire you, laugh with you, comfort you, and appreciate you were all in there. The guy who married them has been married to his wife for 57 years. No dancing or anything at the wedding last night, but that was just as well, because good lord, that thing I had on under my dress got painful after a while. Ugh. The kids had a great time with their babysitter, though. :)

We have a niece's confirmation today. This is gonna be fun (NOT). It's not the service itself- I'm sure that will be lovely. But it's an hour long Catholic mass at noon, and there is no nursery. My kids always go to the nursery during church. So, yeah. This is gonna be good. (I predict I will not be sitting in the mass much.)

Wish me luck!


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