May. 10th, 2010

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Remix 1 is at the beta's! Whoohoo! I didn't remix the fic I thought I was going to remix, but oh well. Now to work on Remix 2, although a nap is sounding pleasant... whoops. Here comes Toby. Never mind.

Question: has anyone ever read a book on writing science fiction? If so, please tell. Anything that's really bad or really good? (Book rec wise.) I think what I'm thinking about more is "what sort of stuff do I need to think of for technobabble?" and "what parameters do I need to think of for different worlds?" and "how do I convincingly write about space travel when none of us can do it, without sounding like I picked up all my terminology from Battlestar Galactica and Firefly?" I'm not so concerned with books on how to write, because I think what would serve me better is a good beta when I get to that point, but I am curious about certain aspects of the science part.

Basically, I'm interested in space travel, space stations, colonizing other planets, weapons, and aliens.

(As an aside, I'm watching Exodus Earth right now with Toby. They're talking about space elevators and carbon nanotubes and you know what? This really is SUCH a cool series. It discusses colonizing various planets and moons, including Mercury, Venus, Mars, Titan, Callisto, and exoplanets.)

Anyway, books I'm looking at that I'm wondering if anyone's read:

The Science of Aliens
Aliens and Alien Society
The Writer's Guide To Creating a Science Fiction Universe
Space Travel
The Science of Science Fiction Writing (ooh, my library has this one.)
Starflight Handbook: a Pioneer's Guide to Interstellar Travel

Thoughts? Recommendations? Stay-the-hell-away-from-it-don't-waste-your-moneys?

Also, I have no intention of buying this unless one of you all raves about it, but How Not to Write a Novel. Any good, or even amusing? (Oooh. My library has this, too. I'll check it out.)

Needless to say, once Exodus Earth is over, we're going to the library. We have to anyway- the boys' books are due, plus if I have to read "Bulldozers" or "Tractors" one more time, I WILL scream. (Actually, that's not true. Right now it's "Trucks" or "R is for Race", which belong to us, and if we get new books, maybe Trevor will get distracted. PLEASE.) Should be a good time :)

Must run tonight. Even if it's just a few miles. ::sigh:: Today just feels very... weird. Oh well.

Okay. Time to get Trevor up from his big boy bed!


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