May. 14th, 2010

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Eek. I did it. :) I signed up for the Philadelphia Marathon. It's in November.

The one thing I really, really hate about these sign-ups is that they're non-refundable. I'm just scared I'll get hurt sometime in the next six months and then be out a hundred bucks. But I really hope not. This is- I think- going to be the only marathon I ever do, and I'm excited for it.

I don't think I'll ever do another. The amount of time you have to dedicate to training - even the kind of training I'm doing, which is "get from the start line to the finish line" - is pretty big, and with two small kids.... Yeah. And true, as they get older, they won't need so much supervision, but they'll need rides to baseball practice or karate tournaments or home from marching band practice or whatever. I'm sure it's doable, but... But hell. I'm also convinced that, while you can train to do it, the human body wasn't meant to be running 26 miles at a shot. I mean, didn't the first guy who did it DIE? So after this, I'm scaling back to 10Ks or 1/2 marathons. (Although, I confess- I would LOVE to do an Iron Man relay.)

What utterly amazes me, though, are people who do even LONGER runs. Like 100 mile runs. (Although you know what's really sick? I hear about these things and there's a little part of me that says, "hey, I wonder..." I hear that challenge and it's almost like I HAVE to do it.) Or even longer, a 3100 mile race. (Yes, you read that right, and yes, I had one of those "hey, I wonder..." moments there, too, but my brain kicked in REALLY fast on that one.) Or a marathon in Antarctica. Which, what is wrong with me that I'm even clicking on the website?????

Okay. Back to reality. The Philly marathon is reputed to be one of the fastest to run, because the course is very flat. The half last year was a blast, and this should be, too. Of course, after all this lofty talk, tomorrow's run is 5-6 miles. Heh.

Back to writing....


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