May. 18th, 2010

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It is a miserable, miserable day. It is raining, cold, and the kids are driving me nuts. Nothing is making Trevor happy today, and he's just miserable. Grumpy, cranky, and crying at anything. And Toby is lecturing him, bossing him around, and taking things from him. On the bright side, they both ate their lunch. But I still totally feel like my icon.

I just clicked on facebook and saw my sister's husband posted a picture of the two of the ziplining in Cancun. One word: JEALOUS! :)

Trying to figure out what I should write next. I'm debating between: The Struggles Make You Stronger (Hoshi backstory), Kara-Felix/Two-Eight NC comparison fic, The House that Tom Built (happy Tom Zarek on Atlantis fic), non-challenge Remix (more Tom Zarek), or some fic I've mentioned and forgotten any you really, really, really want to see? (Agency and my BSGficexchange fic are here, too, but I don't have them on the list.)

Day 03 - Your favorite new show (aired this TV season)

I lose count of what counts as "this season." So, given long hiatuses and stuff, I'll leave Caprica off here, even though I like it better. But the only one we picked up that I'm sure aired this season is...

Truth? I haven't really liked The Pacific much. I think it's brilliant, and I think it's wonderfully done, but it's very different from Band of Brothers. I felt like BoB focused on how war can bring out the best in people- that even in these terrible, violent times, you can still see acts of immense courage, selflessness, and love. The Pacific is the opposite. It's all about how war can destroy people, right down to their soul. I think it's an incredibly important message, just as BoB's themes were incredibly important. But it's also amazingly depressing.

However, I have adored seeing the nurses. My grandmother was in New Guinea in the Nurses's Corps, and seeing what her life then was like is really, really neat. I mean, she told us a lot of it- the war was something she was very proud of and it was a huge part of her life. But still....

So yeah. That's today. :P


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