May. 21st, 2010

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Gorgeous day out today. The kids played out on the slip and slide until Trevor got so tired he wanted to play but all he could do was cry. I felt bad for him, and he fell asleep almost the second he was in his bed for his nap. But he was having so much fun keeping up with the big boys! (Toby had a friend over.)

Can it be Sunday already? Well, not Sunday, but remix! I'm so excited.

TV meme

Day 06 - Favorite episode of your favorite TV show

My favorite BSG characters: Gaeta, Tyrol, Tigh, Anders (Dee, Cally, and Ellen, but they aren't in this.)
My Kara pairing of choice: Kara/Sam, partly because she's so messed up and he gets her.
My favorite BSG arc: New Caprica
One of my utter loves in stories: how big, nasty events mess people up in their lives after.
Another one of my loves: moral shades of gray, but the right thing happening in the end.
One of my favorite Adama lines: "Keep jumping."

Is it any surprise at all that Collaborators is my all-time favorite BSG episode, despite the fact it's depressing as hell? Great writing, great acting, and very understated in a lot of spots. (Like that least scene, between Tyrol and Gaeta? ::heart breaks::)

I just still wish the show had addressed the fact that Zarek once ordered Gaeta's death.


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