May. 24th, 2010

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Things about today:

1.) I have Cold Stone Creamery jelly beans. I think I still like regular Jelly Bellies a little better, but these are pretty awesome. I am surprised how much I am loving the mint mint chocolate chocolate chip ones, because normally I don't care for mint in jelly beans.

2.) TV Meme!

09. Best scene ever

It will probably shock you that I did not pick a Battlestar Galactica scene. I thought about doing a top five thing, but the truth is, one scene jumped out to me immediately, and it's such an intense, powerful scene that it would really, really, really take a lot to ever change this answer. Despite many wonderful scenes in many wonderful shows, this one stands out to me:

Toby buries the Korean War vet in In Excelsis Deo from the West Wing.

Seriously, every time I watch this, I just sob. Between Toby doing the right thing, and Mrs. Landanham and her boys, and the beautiful version of Little Drummer Boy, which is my all-time favorite Christmas carol... Whenever I watch this, I don't cry. I sob. And even my husband tears up at this one.

Amazing, powerful, heart-wrenching scene.

3. I've read all the BSG remixes. I've read a few of the HP remixes. (Which, I haven't read HP in AGES.) I've read the Big Bang Theory remix. I haven't bothered to put together a rec list yet, because I'd rec anything I read. The six BSG remixes are here (And they are ALL excellent), and the fandom tags for remix is here.

Anyone got guesses on what I wrote? I wrote two this year. :) One is pretty damn obvious, the other... maybe not so much, but probably. As always, remix has been a great challenge, and thanks to [ profile] musesfool and her minions for running it! Guess 'em both and I'll write you a ficlet :)

[Poll #1569063]

4. I did my first "sit for an hour and work exclusively on original stuff" today, and I'm really excited. I'm still in the outlining stages, but I just started brimming over with ideas. I've got several pages of notes that hopefully I will be able to decipher later!

5. Speaking of writing, guess I should do it. Hope everyone is having a good day!


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