May. 25th, 2010

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First of all, this article is pissing me off. Who the hell cares what Elena Kagan dresses like or how she wears her hair??? Come on. Criticize her (or praise her) on something a little more substantive, please. How she wears her hair and what clothing she wears is going to have very little bearing on how she votes on the Supreme Court. I'd go into a huge rant about it, but instead, I'll give you a fic rec from the [ profile] bsg_remix: Truth Itself Becomes Suspicious. [ profile] frakcancer says everything I want to say much more eloquently. UGH.

Anyway, original fiction question that comes from internet and fandom. Do I appreciate that the word "fail!" exists these days, or does it make me paranoid?

Here is the problem: Aliens are coming to take over Earth. read more )

And TV meme:

10. A show you thought you wouldn't like but ended up loving.

I debated a couple for this one (including BSG! Hey- I was thinking the cheesy 70s series), but the one I must use is:

I bought the first season of TWW as a gift for my husband. I didn't think I'd be interested- I'm not a political person and I didn't think this could sustain my interest. WRONG. So wrong! After the pilot, I was convinced I'd like it, and after they brought in Charlie (Charlie!) I was hooked. I might be a Libertarian, but I think I'd vote for Jed Bartlett.

(Also- Fringe people- in the finale, did you notice the West Wing posters?? They were on Season 11! There's a reason to move over to the other side!)


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