May. 26th, 2010

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First of all, you guys are AWESOME. I love that I can ask my f-list "okay, aliens are going to take over the world", and you guys have world domination schemes worked out. How cool is that?

Lousy day for writing. I took the kids to a friends' (that was fun) and washed the windows (that was not). Didn't get much down time in there. And the Cylons are being difficult. Makes me wonder if Tom wouldn't appreciate my attention more.

TV Meme

Day 11. A Show That Disappointed You.

Sure, there have been others. But Heroes is the only show I fell in love with hard and then had to actually break up with. I LOVED the first season. It was so amazing. I didn't even hate the second season. But they just kept resetting and having no clue where they were going and changing their minds about who was dead and not giving new characters a chance (I loved the girl that could mimic movements that she saw)... And it would. not. let. Sylar. go.

I rarely break up with a show. I watched LOST through to the end. BSG only disappointed me badly in 4.5. I knew West Wing and Buffy got weaker in later seasons, but there's a difference between "weaker" and "I can't watch this anymore." Cancellations disappointed me. But Heroes... that was the big one. I don't even know where my House of M icon is anymore.

But for fun, here's an old article I wrote: Heroes vs. Lost Written in 2007 (so there are a few changes, like Sayid DEFINITELY wins and I forget a few of the others), but still fun.


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