May. 28th, 2010

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Gah- I'm bored. I shouldn't be- I should be cleaning. But I still am bored. I'm also dealing with writer's block, because this Kara-Felix fic is HARD. I like how it's coming out, but writing Leoben is tough. I actually want to do something with Felix and Louis post-The Space Between Us, something where they DON'T fight, but I have no ideas. Actually, truth? I want to read something with Felix and Louis post-Space Between Us. Weird.

Anyone got short, ficlet sized prompts? Help me procrastinate Kara and Felix getting their hearts ripped out and stomped on? (Also, anyone up for betaing this one when I'm done? I think I want a beta for them.)

TV Meme: Day 13- Favorite childhood show

Hee. Time to embarrass myself. My favorite show when I was a kid?

Thundercats, ho!

Yes, this was my favorite. And I even liked WilyKit and WilyKat.

Okay, big confession here (although I think many of you have heard this before.) Way back, when I was a kid, long before I even knew what fanfiction was, I wrote it. I would write crossover plays, where the Thundercats met He-Man and the Smurfs, and my brother, my sister, my friends and I would read them into a cassette player and record them. (I seem to remember thinking I could do Cringer's voice from He-Man.) Thankfully, I think those tapes are all destroyed now, which is the only reason I confess this. But yes, those were my first fanfics.

The funny thing is this question does remind me of what my first ship was. I am 99% positive now that my first ship ever was Cheetara/Tygra. (Also, if they ever made the live action movie, for some reason I think Ewan McGregor should play Tygra, unless it would taint his career forever.) Of course, Cheetara was like, the token adult female, but still.

This concludes my "Embarrassing Secrets About Me" day :)


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