May. 30th, 2010

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Whee! Remix reveals are out!

I did not remotely guess my remixer, which is funny. [ profile] lyras is someone I have seen for ages around the HP fandom, and then again in the BSG fandom. We seem to move in parallel, but have never completely crossed paths until the [ profile] bsg_remix. But anyway, if you haven't already, go read the remix written for me, No Way Back by [ profile] lyras. It's a remix of Come Talk to Me, and it is just heartbreaking and makes me cry.

I wrote two fics this year, both of which [ profile] puszysty and [ profile] grey_sw guessed (so give me a prompt, guys!) Amusingly, one was for [ profile] grey_sw, and the other one was for voodoochild/[ profile] bluerosefairy. The one for [ profile] bluerosefairy turned out to be very obvious, I think: Be My Mirror, My Sword, My Shield (The Girl All the Bad Guys Want Remix), which is a remix of atlanta never looked the same, and was a Tom Zarek fic. The one for [ profile] grey_sw was a little less obvious: The Story of Those Who Always Loved You (We Are Family Remix), a remix of Family Snapshot.

Remix meta under here. )

We watched Brothers last night. It didn't get a good critical review overall, and I am at a loss as to why. I actually thought the writing was amazing, and the acting... Jake Gyllenhaal and Tobey Maguire did great, but it was Natalie Portman that broke me. It finished and I just burst into tears. Like, full-fledged sobs. I don't know that I'll ever watch it again, but it was... wow.

We have company coming soon and I guess I'm going for a run, so no writing for me today. ::sniff:: Oh well. But the TV meme!!!

TV Meme: Day 15: Favorite Female Character

Look, BSG ladies, you are complex and wonderful and I really, really appreciate you all and love you. But for sheer likeability? It is really hard to beat:

Kaylee Frye. I almost don't want to say why I like her, because it makes her sound Mary Sue-ish. She's sweet as anything, she's pretty, she's uncannily good with engines, and she enjoys herself and life and pretty much everyone likes her. She's strong, she tells you what she's thinking, she's stubborn, she's bullheaded, and she's loyal and kindhearted. The reason she's NOT a Mary Sue is because canon doesn't twist itself around her. She saves the day when her character would naturally save the day, but she doesn't suddenly acquire strange skills (the scene with Kaylee with the gun, actually, speaks wonderfully to this point) and she doesn't have everyone falling in love with her. Her awkward relationship with Simon where they're attracted to each other but still learning each others' languages is sweet, and although I never saw it as a lifetime thing, it makes me really happy to hear that there was a- what, comic or something?- where that might be the case.

I love a lot of other female characters, but Kaylee is the one I want to be.

That said, hope everyone has a good weekend and stay safe if you're driving!


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