Jun. 4th, 2010

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TV Meme: Day 19: Best TV Show Cast

This is a hard one, because frankly, I like the casts of all my shows. BSG has an awesome cast. West Wing has an awesome cast. Buffy has an awesome cast. Firefly had an awesome cast. LOST has an awesome cast. I really can't choose on this one.

Day 20: Favorite Kiss

Oh, I don't know! To be honest, I'm not crazy about watching people kiss. I'll give you three, because they actually say something about me, I suppose. Under the cut )

The 30 days again )

Running is going... okay. I've got what I am positive is a Morton's neuroma, and I want to have it actually looked at and work out ways that I can run without it getting worse. I've gotten some great advice from a doctor friend and it's really confirmed exactly what the problem is, but I'm thinking it's time for some face-to-face (or face-to-foot, as the case may be) time so I can make sure this sucker doesn't get any worse. I did get new shoes yesterday- I went in for padding and the guy selling me shoes pointed out how tight they were. I did feel a difference in my other foot running last night, but I can still feel the neuroma in my right foot. I know padding is the next step- an orthodic or insole or something.

I also finished the prologue at least for my big bang. Whoohoo! I have a start! I still need to get moving on a ton of fics, but now that Fireflies is out of the way, I can maybe write something a little easier. But I'm really excited about my big bang. I came up with a twist the other day that is pure evil. >:) And interestingly, Kara barged in with guns blazing, declaring that she gets a major role in this story. Which is funny, because I so rarely write her. But she's right, and besides, I'm not stupid enough to argue with an armed Kara Thrace.

My interesting problem with the story is I need to find people who actually support what Roslin is doing. cut for details of BSG/Dollhouse )

Hee. It's the Sesame Street episode where Paul Rudd gets frustrated that the princesses keep rescuing themselves again. I'm getting sick of this one (I think Toby is, too), but I love the message for girls in this one.

Okay. I should write something while Sesame Street finishes. Hmmm....


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