Jun. 6th, 2010

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TV Meme, Day 22: Favorite Series Finale

This was actually an easy one. I loved the Scrubs finale.

I think it's easier to do a series finale for a show that doesn't have such a distinct story like BSG or Dollhouse (although Dollhouse's finale was good, as long as you had watched Epitaph One) or LOST. There were no questions to be answered at the end of Scrubs- at least, nothing hard. It was just "what happened to the characters?" But rather than giving us a definite answer, we saw JD imagining the happy ending. Given how JD imagines things multiple times an episode, it was a perfect device. And it was exactly the ending I wanted. And add to it the "Book of Love" music... absolutely, perfectly lovely. It was exactly what I wanted from the Scrubs finale, and it was perfect, despite the fact JD had really been driving me nuts the past few seasons.

Going to the zoo tomorrow with some friends, as long as it doesn't rain. I am really looking forward to it, especially as I've just been feeling really isolated and lonely recently. The people we're going with are my best friend in the development and her two kids. We're packing lunches and having ice cream afterwards, so it should just be plain awesome.

Got a chance to outline a bit more of Agency today. Don't know that I'll have time to write (sleep is sounding appealing), but at least I have an idea where I'm going. But good lord, is it a can of worms fic!


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