Jun. 7th, 2010

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TV Meme, Day 23: Most Annoying Character

While I must agree with [livejournal.com profile] puszysty's all-time answer of The Nanny, I figured I'd go with a more contemporary answer, specifically:

Yes, there are characters that, on a very strict basis, could be considered more annoying than Jack Shepard. Nikki and Paulo, for example. They were VERY annoying. Maya and whatshisface from Heroes. Barney the big purple dinosaur. Abby and the Flying Fairy School on Sesame Street. But see, Nikki and Paulo only had a few episodes and they died. Ditto Maya and whatshisface. I don't have to watch Barney, and my children remain blissfully unaware of his existence. And while Abby's Flying Fairy School is annoying, Abby herself definitely has her good moments. The thing about Jack Shepard is a.) he's the lead and b.) it's on a show I loved.

What frustrates me is that Jack didn't have to be so annoying. In fact, in many ways, Jack and Lee Adama have similar traits. But where Lee shares the spotlight and actually has moments where he either a.) forgets about his manpain, b.) asks relevant questions, or c.) answers relevant questions, Jack does none of these. The writers think I should be far more in love with Jack than I am, when I really want him to fade into the background for a bit and focus on one of the more interesting characters. Sayid or Sun or Claire or Charlie or Desmond or Hugo or Jin or Penny or Locke or Sawyer or Juliet are all good. Or anyone else. Just... back off the Jack.

So Jack wins, because if I wanted to watch LOST, I couldn't avoid him :P

Exhausting day today. We went to the zoo this morning, which was a blast. Elmwood Zoo is pretty small- just the right size for kids this age. And we have a membership, so the four (well, three, hubby's stuck at work) have unlimited admission, and we can bring two guests for free. So we brought some friends, and two of them got in free and the third was under two, so none of us had to pay admission. Whoohoo! The kids had a blast, and to my surprise, especially enjoyed the butterfly house. Then afterward, my friend treated us all to ice cream. Trevor was hysterical. The zoo just has the pre-wrapped stuff. Trevor found a Hershey's fudge sundae in the freezer, picked it up ran back to the table and climbed up into a chair (completely oblivious to the mother and daughter sitting at the table he'd chosen) and tried to pry off the lid. He was determined to get to that ice cream. Not that I blame him! Anyway, came home, Trev napped, and then we went to a park for the rest of the afternoon, and the kids (well, Trevor) gave me heart attacks climbing on the equipment.

Now I should write. Hmmm. Agency, The House that Tom Built, The Struggles Make You Stronger, fic exchange fic, or something else? Decisions, decisions.....


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