Jun. 18th, 2010

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I am alarmed. We're watching the Reptiles and Amphibians episode of Life, with the Komodo dragons. Trevor's watching them hunt the buffalo and laughing his head off. Seriously, kiddo, I really, really hope you're finding something else funny.

[livejournal.com profile] daybreak777 was musing that she wanted to see Gage and Vireem die. Can't say I blame her at all, and I've always meant to do this. I killed off Vireem in The Space Between Us, but Adama never killed Gage.

However, Adama wasn't always the one in power, was he?

Title: Justice for All
Summary: The Space Between Us universe- whatever happened to Gage?
Characters: Tom Zarek, Felix Gaeta, Louis Hoshi
Warnings: heed the warnings for the original fic, as usual. (If you haven't read the original, this probably doesn't have much power.)

Justice for All )
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Lissa's definition of a sucky day:

Toby projectile vomits. All over me, the couch, himself, the carpet, and Trevor. Trevor and Toby both burst into tears. I strip us all down- Trevor and myself to bare feet shirts, and diaper/underwear, Toby to skin. As I try to get the carpet cleaner down from the top shelf of the laundry room, I knock a bottle of vinegar off the shelf. No, not a bottle - a gallon jug. It splatters, mostly on me, coating my legs and my underwear. It is now worth noting that I cut myself shaving this morning. Not a big cut, but vinegar in a shaving cut? Um, OUCH! Manage to clean up the vinegar, get the kids through the bath, get them to bed for naps, and yes, my underwear is soaked with vinegar.


Yes, there are lots of good things. The jug was plastic, not glass. It did not land on my childrens' heads. Toby hasn't (yet) gotten sick again, and he didn't throw up on Manny the Manatee, his most beloved stuffed animal. But it is hard to remember this in the heat of the moment. :P

In other news, I wrote a ficlet today: Justice for All. Space Between Us fic explaining what happened to Gage. We are also watching Ice Age for the second time in two days. And Trevor keeps putting these little plastic nuts (as in nuts and bolts) over his eyes, making him look like a baby Dr. Horrible. And I almost hit 20,000 words in Agency. Yay! Of course, only 500 of them got added today :P

Yeah. It's a day.


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