Jun. 21st, 2010

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Hey guys-

Anyone up for beta-ing? I need a beta or two for two different pieces. Both make me nervous given the subject matter.

1.) The first is my femgenficathon piece. It's not quite done yet, but I'm hoping to have it done by the weekend. It's Dee-centric, probably will be about 6-8K words, and is NOT overly angsty. It deals with the subject of othering, and Dee being annoyed about how Sagittaron women are generally written in romance novels. It's not due until July 15, so there's not a super-quick turnaround on it.

2.) I usually don't ask this, but I'm actually looking for a beta for a MRFH article. It's about The Last Airbender, and specifically about why I won't see it and the racial aspects of the casting. I'm normally not all that vocal about stuff like this for a reason- I tend to put my foot in my mouth, and other people say it far better than me. But the MRFH site is a bigger platform (I think) than my journal and reaches a wider audience, and this is something I'd like to say there. I need someone to look it over and tell me if there's fail, preferably without getting mad at me. Rhetoric is not my strong suit (unless I'm writing Tom Zarek), so I need someone who knows it. If you tell me "hey, Lissa, this sounds bad to me," I will say, "great! thanks for telling me! Now how can we fix it?" The article is short (about 1,100 words) and I'd like to post it as soon as possible, as long as it's approved.

Anyone willing on either one? Thanks a million in advance!


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