Jun. 22nd, 2010

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Ugh. My foot feels weird. I went to the podiatrist today for the neuroma that's bugging me. He did X-rays, and then told me it wasn't bad, but since I was going to be running a lot gave me a shot of cortisone to really take off all the swelling. Of course, guess what? I can feel the swelling in the ball of my foot. It's improved since they gave me the shot, when it felt pretty much like when I run, but still. But they just called back and said it's normal. Given that my foot has improved in the past few hours from what it felt like, I'll believe it. I think I'll skip a workout for today, though.

But oh, I couldn't watch him do that shot. My kids did, though. Which, on the one hand, I hope it doesn't give them nightmares, but on the other- look! Mommy got a shot (which burned pretty bad!) and SHE didn't throw a fit! (And Mommy HATES needles.)

He also wants me to go see a physical therapist. This isn't for the neuroma, but for the fact that my Achilles tendons are extremely, extremely tight and he wants to see improved flexibility there. (This is not a surprise. I'd pretty much figured that one out on my own.) I've always had issues with plantar fascitis, and I can feel the tightness in my tendons, and a lot of times when I get up I have to walk on my toes until it gets moving again. We also both came to the conclusion that treating the heels will help the neuroma, since then I'll stop stressing the ball of my foot so much.

Goodie. Of course, the one he recommended doesn't take our insurance, but it's not like there aren't other PTs out there.

Speaking of therapy (and speaking), still debating what to do about Trevor. My mom called to tell me that a little girl I used to babysit is now a speech therapist in the next town over. (Given that we used to live 250 miles from here, I find this hysterical.) It would be AWESOME to use her and have her help my little boy, but yet again, I don't think she takes my insurance. Of course.

I should be writing, but I am being totally lazy. I want to get my Dee fic finished- I'm actually kind of happy with how it's coming out. I also have to write my [livejournal.com profile] bsgficexchange fic and really want to get back to Agency.

Okay. Bored now. I need something fun to do that doesn't involve me getting on my foot. Suggestions? Alphabet prompts? Something? I am so. bored.

ETA: Why not? Toby's still sick, so we're just watching movies. (Cars today. Not Life!!!!! I am so SICK of Life. If I have to see those komodo dragons kill that buffalo one more time....)

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