Jun. 29th, 2010

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Thought #1. Whoever invented cookies should be canonized. Is there anything better than a homemade chocolate chip cookie 45 minutes out of the oven? (The boys and I FINALLY made Father's Day chocolate chip cookies to send to grandpa. Yes, we're late, but we couldn't do it when Toby was sick. Now I am trying not to eat them all.)

Thought #2. Sometimes, I hate people and the world we live in :P

We went to the grocery store today. The boys are usually very good at the grocery store, helping me put everything into the cart and then taking it out at the checkout line. Today, there was an older woman (grandma age) and man watching my boys help me at the checkout line. She especially was getting a huge kick out of them- you could tell she was a real kid person. The line was fairly long, and she and I had a very nice conversation while we waited.

By the end of paying for my groceries, my kids were getting restless. Most of my groceries were in reusable bags, so I tossed them in and scooted my now rowdy kids out of there. But as I put the kids and then the groceries into the car, I realized I left my meat, which I'd put into a plastic bag. I was just getting the kids out of the car when the woman behind me came running up and told me that I'd left my meat in there. She then offered to watch my kids while I ran in and got it. (The kids were already buckled into their car seats.)

Of course, I said no. I have no idea of who this woman was, and she actually agreed with me. But we both agreed that it was incredibly sad. I am 99.9% sure this woman would not have done a thing to harm my children. She was grandmother (she told me this) who was very obviously missing her own grandkids, and very clearly a kid person. It was a very nice offer. But there's always that 0.1% chance... She also offered to run in and get the meat for me, but I wasn't sure they'd give it to her, given that I'd already paid for it.

It just sucks that the kindness of the good people of the world has to be viewed with such intense suspicion because there are such sickos out there. :P

Should be writing or betaing. Instead, I just woke up from a nap on the couch. Oops. Well, at least you can' eat any cookies when you're sleeping.


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