Jul. 1st, 2010

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My sister is coming this weekend- I'm psyched to see her and her daughter! Should be a fun weekend :) Not sure what all we'll do yet, but more because we'll figure it out as we go. There's plenty to do. I think tomorrow morning strawberry picking will be involved no matter what.

We started watching Farscape. We're only two episodes in so far. Hubby's kind of mocking it in his head, and I have to admit John annoys me at this point. But I am TOTALLY getting the fandom love for Aeryn Sun, and she's what's pulling me in immediately. Is there crossover fic out there where Aeryn meets Kendra Shaw? I think it's the accent and the bearing, but still. I suspect they trained together or something. I am hoping John will annoy me a little less as we go on.

I should stop procrastinating. I have cleaning to do, the grocery store to hit, and a very difficult email to write that doesn't have to be so hard. :P I think Toby wants to make dinosaur muffins (muffins in a special dinosaur tin), and maybe I'll make blueberry muffins in the flower tin for my sister's little girl. (Read: excuse to use my pretty flower pan.) The dinosaur one looks like this:

And the flower one looks like this:

Frankly, they're both cool. I will make the chocolate chip muffins in the dino tin, but I'm debating what flavor in the flowers. (The thing is, I'm not a blueberry muffin fan. I sort of want to make my CL white chocolate raspberry muffins... Or I could try lemon raspberry muffins, which would be very, very pretty in that tin, but maybe not as kid friendly. I'm leaning towards the white chocolate raspberry.) (I'm pretty sure this is the recipe, but I just use raspberry preserves instead of apricot.)

Either way, I should clean the bathrooms. Oh. Joy.


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