Jul. 8th, 2010

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Another scorcher. Oh goodie.

Been looking at the prompt list. There are two that intrigue me to no end. One I don't know if I could write, but it would be AWESOME, and that's Tory/Saffron. Please tell me someone is writing that!

The other I can, and it's calling my name, unless someone else has a bunny for it. I know two people can write a prompt, but if someone from my f-list is writing this one, please let me know- is anyone doing Hoshi as a Circle member? Because if no one from here is, I might have to try that one. (Although that definitely implies Hoshi was on NC instead, which... oh yeah, this would be fun. Someone said I have a heartache kink. I think that's the best description EVER.) The prompt list does amuse me, though, because I can see echoes of fic I've seen around in some of the prompts. :)

Anyway. Had an interesting morning kid-wise yesterday. There's a place near us that sells swingsets. In one of the most brilliant marketing schemes I've ever seen, they open their showroom up for free play two mornings a week. We don't have a swingset- there are a lot of parks really close to us. But I was almost considering it- if the one I liked wasn't 2,700 dollars!!!! Sheesh. But the nice thing about the free play is that even though the show room gets hot, the slides aren't hot. Plus, there are trampolines and basketball baskets. The kids had so. much. fun.

We've also been watching Farscape finally. We're only three episodes in, but tell me. Will I ever like John Crichton better? He seems quite Gary Stuish right now, but I know it can take a while for stuff to settle in. However, I am completely and utterly getting the fandom love for Aeryn Sun, and she's the reason I'm totally watching right now. The priestess chick is... I'm hovering if she's going to be a little too flawless for me yet, but I like the warrior guy. (I really need to look up the characters' names spellings.) But yeah, so far we're enjoying it, although I confess there have been moments of mocking, especially with regards to the effects. BSG just spoiled us for that one, although Firefly was better in that respect, too.

Okay. Back to writing before the kids get up!


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