Jul. 13th, 2010

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Five Questions/frustrations/comments about BSG canon )

[livejournal.com profile] femgenficathon starts posting in a few days. YAY!!!!! I can't wait to post my fic for this one.

I'm also still glowing-slash-blushing over the [livejournal.com profile] bsg_kink contest. ::bounces:: Thanks to everyone who voted for mine! :) I'm planning on putting the drabbles and my battle roundup in another post.

And, totally changing topics, a little fun nostalgia! I can't resist the Thirty Days of Harry Potter Meme that's going around!

Question 1. Discuss how you got into Harry Potter.

My mom. I'd heard about Harry Potter, and it came out around the same time as the Pokemon craze. I had little faith in either, especially since everything associated with the latter grated on my nerves. My mom, however, was a fifth grade teacher at the time. All of her kids were reading them, so she picked up the books to find out what all her kids were into. She eventually convinced me that they were awesome and I should try them, and I believe she sent me the first two or three books. (I forget on that part, or if I just bought them.)

I read them and got HOOKED on the books. They were fun and interesting and I really liked Harry and Ron and Hermione, and then JKR really opened up this "what the hell happened?" backstory with the MWPP and the first war, and I was in love.

At the time, I was into Pern fandom. I was also in grad school. Grad school and social life don't always go together, especially when Howard moved two years before me. One of the girls at Lakesedge was really into Remus/Sirius, and kind of got a few others of us convinced. I ended up finding the internet was a good place to geek out, and I found immeritus. That's where I ended up getting into I didn't end up writing HP fanfic until after OotP, and held out for a long time, and then just got sucked in. ::Sigh:: Oh well :)

The Other Days )

Okay. WRITE.
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So the drabble contest finished up. :) I'm finally jumping on board with reveals, and also showing off my pretty pictures :)

13 Drabbles, Listing )

Addiction )

Some Like It Hot )

White Hot )

Cold Comfort )

Retribution )

Calm Before the Storm )

Days Like This )

Like a Virgin )

The Things Brothers Do, You're Bugging Me, What I Want, The Benefits of Hacking )

Watched Too Much )

This was my first drabble contest- thanks so much to anyone who voted for mine :):):)

While we're at it, the battle roundup )

And, from [livejournal.com profile] twelvecolonies, my icons )


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