Jul. 14th, 2010

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Apparently, the application of a band-aid is torture on par with the psychedelic drugs that Adama and Roslin give Baltar in BSG. At least in this house. Oh. My. God. YEESH.

[livejournal.com profile] twelvecolonies used my idea for a challenge!!!! Please please please, somebody (ANYBODY) write the Starbuck and Hoshi one or Baltar and Sweet!Eight!!! :) I'm not sure which one I'm going to do yet, but there are some fun ones on there. (Although, RDM, please to be noting in a list of characters that never exchanged dialogue on screen, Cally and Hot Dog are on there.)

30 Days of Harry Potter, Question 2. Favorite book

I will happily and emphatically concede that Prisoner of Azkaban is technically JKR's best book. It's not overly padded and windy, the mystery is tight, and while I guessed Sirius and guessed Lupin, I did not guess anything about Peter. That was awesome.

However, my favorite of the books is Order of the Phoenix. Harry in this book just... he grips me, and hard. He's such a teenager, and so much of it just pings me. From the hysterical lampooning of teenage romance with Cho to his friendships with Ron and Hermione... Plus, OotP had THE BEST villain in Umbridge. Umbridge was by far my favorite villain of the series, because she was just so frakking real. And Neville. Neville completely and utterly broke my heart in this book, and it was some of the most beautiful, restrained, gorgeous writing- that hospital scene. But what gets me the most is Sirius.

Yes, this is where I totally turned into a Sirius/Remus shipper, and yay for that, but Sirius's death just hurt. I don't even mind that it doesn't have more of a point, because death so often doesn't have a point. It just is. And Harry's reaction at the end of book 5... I can't really reread it because I felt that one on such a deep, emotional level. I love it and I hate it because it's real, and it's just... oh. (But I'm really, really glad she didn't kill Arthur.)

So yeah. OotP has its flaws, but it's still my favorite of the HP books.


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