Jul. 16th, 2010

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Exhausted. We told some friends about the swingset company's show room, and the fact that Friday is a free play morning, so three of us hauled six kids down there. Toby had a blast, Trevor did okay, although he was a little grumpy. We went to McD's after for chicken nuggets and white-washed toys. (Last Airbender movie toys. To my very sour amusement, the fire bending guy? The one played by Dev Patel? (I forget his name.) Couldn't be any whiter as a toy. I am SURE this has to do with the cheapness of the toys, but still. ::rolls eyes::

My stepfather sent me an email. Normally, I ignore the ones he sends. My stepfather is very anti-Obama. While I'm not wearing the man's campaign buttons, I'm nowhere near as angry with the President as my stepfather is, either. (I find it very hard to reduce this country's issues to the fault of one man, especially when we have a three-branch government.) So, like I said, I usually don't bother to read my stepfather's emails. (Although is it just me, or is it quite rude to keep sending them? He sends them to my husband, too, knowing that he voted for Obama. (And he thinks I voted for Obama. I didn't- I voted third party, but Bill doesn't remember that.)) The one he sent me today annoys me even more, because there are thoughts and sentiments in it that I agree with, but then it turns around and says stuff I just want to head desk over. (It's an email forward- I shouldn't go looking for logic.) Gah.

In happier news, look at the pretties!. [livejournal.com profile] geekbynight made a gorgeous, worksafe graphic of Dee based on Broken Skies, Broken Sunsets. SO PRETTY!!!!!!

The Harry Potter Meme, Question 4. Your Favorite movie

Confession- I haven't been that into the movies. They're decent, but they're not the books, and I loved the books.

I guess, probably, Prisoner of Azkaban? The only thing is, the time travel bit at the end- which doesn't feel overly long in the book- feels long in the movie. I did like Goblet of Fire- that one was MADE to become a movie.

So, meh on the movies.

Okay. I got the [livejournal.com profile] bsgficexchange fic in, but now there's other stuff to write. And it sounds like Trevor is refusing to nap... goodie.


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