Jul. 18th, 2010

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Working on Agency while the kids watch Planet Earth, and I just seem to have hit a real blocked point. It's a Starbuck-Hoshi scene, and... I don't know.

More Agency babble. )

I think I'm going to take the kids out to dinner tonight. Toby's rooting for pizza of some sort, I was kind of hoping to go to Applebee's. Normally, I'm not a huge Applebee's fan, but they have a salad I really could have gone for tonight. I'm not sure what else I am going with them tonight. They haven't been outside all day- it's been so hot and humid. Maybe I'll put their suits on them and turn the sprinklers on.

That Harry Potter Meme:

05. Wizard Rock: discuss

I have no real feelings about Wizard Rock. Lots of people are into it, but I'm not. Just never did get into it, and I see no problem with any position on it.

06. Your favorite character(s)

Ahhh. Much more interesting.

I've said before that my ficcing tendencies do not always reflect my favorite character in canon. When I fic- and when I read fic- I tend towards either a.) characters whose stories didn't get told fully in the canon, or b.) what-if AUs, in which I'm perfectly happy to have whoever. And while yes, I love the MWPP crew, they aren't my favorite. Ron is.

I love Harry. Harry is fantastic and relateable and although he escapes the consequences of his later actions, he's a pretty realistic good kid. I really, really like him. I like Hermione, too, with her intelligence and her earnestness and her determination to do the right thing. But Ron... I adore Ron.

Ron is funny. Ron is smart, although he doesn't always realize it. Ron might not be the most sensitive guy (<--- understatement), but we aren't meant to think that he is, either. He's loyal and he's really a good guy, and I would love it if my sons turned out like Ron. No, he's not perfect, but his flaws are forgivable. :)

So, yeah. Ron Weasley is my favorite character, although really? I like them all :)


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