Jul. 23rd, 2010

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You know what would be an entertaining crossover that I don't know that anyone but me would read? Harry Dresden and Donald Strachey team up to solve a mystery. What Harry would be doing in Albany is beyond me, so Donald would have to come to Chicago, because I can fathom why people would voluntarily go there. (I grew up in Albany.) Plus, Timmy and Bob hanging out would be incredibly snarky fun. Especially TV!Bob. (I haven't gotten far enough into the books to see if there are huge differences between TV!Bob and book!Bob, aside from the form. But movie!Timmy and TV!Bob would have a lot of fun together.)

So bored today. Although if this cloudiness keeps up, I can actually take the kids to a park and they won't burn themselves on the slides.

Still not running, but the PT says soon. I can't wait. I'm doing the elliptical in the meantime, but I really want to get back to running. I was supposed to start ramping my mileage up this week, with the long run being six miles. I am wondering if I will be able to run the whole marathon, or if I'll have to consider intervals. It depends on my feet.

And That Harry Potter Meme:

10. Favorite book moment(s)

10 Favorite HP Moments (in no particular order.)

1.) Hagrid tells Harry he's a wizard.
2.) "It unscrews the other way"
3.) The Shrieking Shack scene
4.) The Forest walk
5.) The first time we see the Burrow
6.) Cedric takes the cup with Harry
7.) The Yule Ball
8.) The Quidditch World Cup
9.) Harry returns to Godric's Hollow
10.) Luna does the commentary for the Quidditch match

11. Character you're crushing on

What? I don't turn Narcho into Sirius Black. No, not at all.... ::hides his motorcycle::


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