Jul. 25th, 2010

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That Harry Potter Meme:

12. Favorite movie scene

Hmmm. This one is kind of tough, because while I've really adored the books, I haven't been that into the movies. I did really like actually seeing Quidditch for the first time. That was cool. I mean, I pictured it really clearly from the books, but it was still neat to see it. Same with Diagon Alley.

13. Least favorite character(s)

Grawp would have to be my number one. I hate Grawp, who adds nothing to the story and should have been edited out. Seriously. :P Grawp was like a Mary Sue in a way- when he was around, the narrative became all about him, and I didn't like him at all. :P

I have characters I hate, but I love to hate them. Like Umbridge and Draco. I mean, I don't like them as people, but I think JKR did an excellent job of evoking the exact reaction that she wanted. The Carrows are kind of lame villains, reminding me a lot of the witch or whatever she was in The Sword in the Stone. Mim, that was her name. Tell me she's not the Carrow chick. Voldemort... had his moments. But he really was just a little too evil overlord for my tastes as a villain.

I was also not a huge fan of Dumbledore. In the first five books, he kind of amused me or bored me. But I got really frustrated by the end that he just wouldn't tell Harry things, and that he was so manipulative. I don't think Dumbledore was evil, but I don't think he was a particularly good person, either. I think he did have the good of humanity in mind, but he reminds me of an exchange from BSG:

Zarek: It's amazing the things you start to notice when you're on the sidelines. How every decision that Laura and your father make gets stamped "CLASSIFIED." Or how her directives are starting to read like decrees, yet still get enacted without so much as a debate. You know, she won't even allow records to be kept of any of her meetings. Secrecy and control are becoming obsessions for her. I think this Demetrius business is just the tip of the iceberg.

Apollo: Well, sometimes a benevolent tyrant's exactly what you need.

Zarek: No. A tyrant craves power for its own sake. And all Laura wants is to save us all. Trust me. Better yet, trust yourself. Because that's what I'm really counting on, that you're not the kind of man who can ignore the truth when it stares you in the face.

14. Moments in the books/movies that made you cry

1.) The Forest
2.) Harry's Breakdown after Sirius's Death
3.) Neville's Parents- that one actually hit me the hardest
4.) Dobby's funeral
5.) Fred


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