Aug. 31st, 2010

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YES!!!!!!! The rough draft of Agency is FINISHED!!!!!

It still needs some major edits. In fact, I've got a list of scenes I need to write, and I know I have a few placeholders. Plus, when I was doing a lot of the final scenes, I was like "hmmm. I think that plotline needs some strengthening." Especially where Victor and Sierra are concerned. They're really tough, because I didn't use their POV at all. PLUS, there's all the edits from my beta.

BUT. I AM DONE THE ROUGH DRAFT! This is especially good because my mom should be here in three hours, and I don't know what kind of time I have between now and when she leaves on the sixth. I'm really looking forward to her visit- it's gonna be a good one- but I don't anticipate getting much computer time. Which is good. I need to take a break from Agency, and then look at it again with fresh eyes.

I still owe a few ficlets- hopefully I'll get them written soon.

Anyway, I should get cleaning. Although- [ profile] amyxaphania- let me know if you want the full copy of the rough (seriously rough- see what I said about "wow, I need to add a few scenes here and there) draft.

Okay, off to cleaning. Yay.


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