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Hey all-

I've got a great beta for Agency, but she went and got one of those real life... things that I hear so much about. So, would anyone be up for betaing? Here's the stats:

-I'm almost done- I could send you what I have. I currently have six more "scenes" (the one might get divided into more than one scene) on my outline, plus the epilogue. This will hopefully change before I go to bed tonight. However, the scene I am in the middle of- an action scene- will be the most desperately in need of a beta, as I tend to be weak on setting. I am hoping to have the entire thing done by Tuesday, as my mom comes then :)

-It is a Dollhouse/BSG crossover, but the only four characters crossing over from Dollhouse are Adelle, Topher, Victor and Sierra, and Victor and Sierra are in Active form. So, characterization-wise, it's really only Adelle and Topher (although Victor and Sierra need work.)

-I have not put in any of the changes my beta has thus far suggested, although I fully intend to, so it's in it's rough form.

-BSG characters featured:
POV characters: Laura, Bill, Tom, Kara, Helo, Sharon, 1 or 2 scenes from Saul
Non POV characters that stay in character: Lee, Hoshi, Playa, Skulls, and minor appearances from various other characters
Characters that become Actives (thus do not stay in character): Gaeta, Narcho, and Racetrack

-Pairings: very, very background. All canon. Laura/Bill, Helo/Athena, Kara/Sam (ish), Gaeta/Hoshi, past Hoshi/OMC. No one has sex as an Active.

-Warnings, not really. Talk of death of children, set in the past. People are mind-wiped, but really, compared to some of the stuff I've written, this is very tame.

-The fic is currently at 65K words- I anticipate it will be about 70-75K when I'm done. It's currently 134 pages at 10 point TNR font.

-I need to hand it in by September 6 - the faster the better.

If anyone's up for it, please let me know! Thanks so much!
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