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Dear LJ,

Yes, it's not that hard to figure out I'm me on LJ. Yes, I use the same pics for my avatar here and on Facebook. But here's the thing: I like keeping Facebook and LiveJournal separate. Honestly- why is this such an insane concept anymore? LiveJournal is my geek playground. Facebook is my RL stuff. Please get rid of this feature NOW.

No love,

(I will get around to patching in the grease monkey code. I probably won't bother to move to DW, unless it seems like the BSG fandom is making a mass exodus, simply because I'm lazy. However, I'll join the chorus of saying I'd rather not find myself being linked to on Facebook or Twitter, with the exception of fic comments, because hey- yes, I like having my fics read :) I lock what I want locked, so if you're on my flist, please use your head if I've got something locked. Although my guess is the people on your Facebook or Twitter account won't really care about reading your comments to me on one of my locked posts ;) )

I think my biggest objection to this move is not the lack of privacy- I mean, this is the internet, after all. But it's the implication that everyone needs to know our every move. This is why I have held out on having a cell phone (well, a "real" one. Right now I've got a very minimal plan). There are a few people who need to know where I am at certain times; my boys' teachers, babysitters, maybe my husband. And I'm not going to deny there are benefits. But really- why does someone have to get in touch with me THAT MINUTE for some trivial reason when I'm in the middle of whatever I'm doing? I will call when I am done, thanks.

But I am not important enough- or interesting enough- that people need to know every detail of my life. I don't have much of a crossover between FB and LJ because frankly, most of the people on FB aren't interested in what I have to say here. Well, maybe when I post in detail about my kids, some of them might be.

Now, granted, I'm not everyone. This is also where I write my fanfic, and yeah, that's not something I advertise that I write. (Although if more people understood why, I would. But to be fair, I get the same sort of looks when I talk about writing sci-fi in general.) But I'm not so much embarrassed by it (well, maybe a little) as I am thinking that most of my circle has no interest whatsoever in reading it. So why bore them with it? I like having separate worlds. And I can understand why other people don't. But I just really resent this pressure- societal, corporate, whatever- to put EVERYTHING on line and linked to, so everyone knows what you're doing every minute of the day. If people want to, great, but if they don't, that should be easy enough, too.

I'm sounding like my old boss, who reminded me of Calvin's dad in terms of technology. Next thing you know, I'll be saying we should go back to a hammer and chisel.

Ah, well. Mom's reading, so maybe I can get a little writing done.
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