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Had a good weekend. We went to a friends' house, and then to the Liberty Science Center. The boys had so much fun. Toby especially enjoyed it, since he's really getting to the age where he understands things, but Trevor had a really good time, too. Especially since there were lots of buttons to push.

Working on Agency, which seems to have eaten my brain. Which is good, except I need to write a few other things, too. But I was worried there for a while because I had vague ideas and it wasn't coming, but now it's rushing. Except my outline wasn't great this time, so I'm playing with a couple sections. Dollhouse kind of makes my head hurt sometimes.

TV Meme, Days 28-30. 30 has spoilers for Season 7 West Wing. )
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I had started a big entry about trying to figure out the ending of my big bang, but as I was doing it, I figured it out. Yay!!! I feel better now- I have a rough outline. Also, whoever suggested making Helo Gaeta's handler? THANK YOU. I am falling madly in love with their dynamic and arc.

TV Meme, Day 27: Best Pilot Episode

Easy, easy, easy one. The LOST pilot was absolutely brilliant. Like, seriously fantastic. I'm not sure I have much more to say, but that it really was, for me, the best pilot ever.
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I have a new header! Even more than a header- I have a new layout. But I had fun making my header :) I've gotten more use out of those cookies.

TV Meme, Day 26: OMG WTF Season Finale

I'm not really sure, because I watch a lot of TV on DVD anymore, and so we didn't have to wait for too many - HEE! Pre-school Musical on Sesame Street! - sorry. Anyway, with watching TV on DVD, we hit the season finales and we pop in the next one and we're happy. I had a couple choices for this one, but I'm going to go with:

Caprica's finale. There were several WTF moments, and given that I'm not 100% convinced it WILL come back in September, that's what makes it win. (My other two options were "Revelations" from BSG and "Over There" from Fringe. But "Over There" left me in a place where I don't have lots of unanswered questions- I just want to know what happens next, and "Revelations" was also pretty clear on what happened.)

To be honest, I'm not crazy about most of the rest of the questions, except for 30. I almost want to skip to 30. Oh well.

And I reached the 10K mark on my big bang! WHOOHOO!
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I'm actually kind of hoping it rains today. It's supposed to. I really need to clean, and if it rains I don't feel guilty about not taking the kids to a park or something.

We will go to the library today, though. I need to return a few books, one of which I actually read for myself. (I know!) For the record, do not waste your money on How Not To Write a Novel, by Howard Mittlemark and Sandra Newman. more behind the cut )

So, yeah. Don't but How Not to Write a Novel, unless you're literally just starting out. Good advice, but most of you are way beyond it, and the examples aren't even that funny.

Changing subjects....

TV Meme, Day 25: A show you plan on watching (old or new)

Yes, I know. Bad Geek. I have never seen Farscape. However, that will be remedied! Sitting in our "to watch" pile is the entire series on DVD, which we picked up for... I don't remember, but it was when Deep Discount and Amazon were having a little price war. It was some really low price compared to what the series usually runs. Neither of us have seen an episode, but so many people with similar taste to us have told us how awesome it is that we figured it was a good risk. We haven't watched it yet because we had to get through all the stuff that was on the air, and we had been working our way through Terminator: TSCC (which neither of us really got into), and now we're working our way through the Dresden Files. which shouldn't take too much longer. But summer is perfect DVD time, since nothing else that we watch is on.

I got a LOT written on Agency yesterday, which is exciting. rambling about writing )

So looking forward to cleaning today. NOT.
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::Frustrated:: So, I finally began my [livejournal.com profile] femgenficathon fic. My quote is interesting, but kind of tough.

femgenficathon talk under the cut. )

Here, bunnies, bunnies, bunnies....

My writing bunnies are being lazy. They're showing up, but they won't tell me how they end. I hate that.

Writing to-do list and WIP meme: )

And, since I'm here....

TV meme, day 24: Best quote

Really? I have to choose? Well, Here are five )
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TV Meme, Day 23: Most Annoying Character

While I must agree with [livejournal.com profile] puszysty's all-time answer of The Nanny, I figured I'd go with a more contemporary answer, specifically:

Yes, there are characters that, on a very strict basis, could be considered more annoying than Jack Shepard. Nikki and Paulo, for example. They were VERY annoying. Maya and whatshisface from Heroes. Barney the big purple dinosaur. Abby and the Flying Fairy School on Sesame Street. But see, Nikki and Paulo only had a few episodes and they died. Ditto Maya and whatshisface. I don't have to watch Barney, and my children remain blissfully unaware of his existence. And while Abby's Flying Fairy School is annoying, Abby herself definitely has her good moments. The thing about Jack Shepard is a.) he's the lead and b.) it's on a show I loved.

What frustrates me is that Jack didn't have to be so annoying. In fact, in many ways, Jack and Lee Adama have similar traits. But where Lee shares the spotlight and actually has moments where he either a.) forgets about his manpain, b.) asks relevant questions, or c.) answers relevant questions, Jack does none of these. The writers think I should be far more in love with Jack than I am, when I really want him to fade into the background for a bit and focus on one of the more interesting characters. Sayid or Sun or Claire or Charlie or Desmond or Hugo or Jin or Penny or Locke or Sawyer or Juliet are all good. Or anyone else. Just... back off the Jack.

So Jack wins, because if I wanted to watch LOST, I couldn't avoid him :P

Exhausting day today. We went to the zoo this morning, which was a blast. Elmwood Zoo is pretty small- just the right size for kids this age. And we have a membership, so the four (well, three, hubby's stuck at work) have unlimited admission, and we can bring two guests for free. So we brought some friends, and two of them got in free and the third was under two, so none of us had to pay admission. Whoohoo! The kids had a blast, and to my surprise, especially enjoyed the butterfly house. Then afterward, my friend treated us all to ice cream. Trevor was hysterical. The zoo just has the pre-wrapped stuff. Trevor found a Hershey's fudge sundae in the freezer, picked it up ran back to the table and climbed up into a chair (completely oblivious to the mother and daughter sitting at the table he'd chosen) and tried to pry off the lid. He was determined to get to that ice cream. Not that I blame him! Anyway, came home, Trev napped, and then we went to a park for the rest of the afternoon, and the kids (well, Trevor) gave me heart attacks climbing on the equipment.

Now I should write. Hmmm. Agency, The House that Tom Built, The Struggles Make You Stronger, fic exchange fic, or something else? Decisions, decisions.....
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TV Meme, Day 22: Favorite Series Finale

This was actually an easy one. I loved the Scrubs finale.

I think it's easier to do a series finale for a show that doesn't have such a distinct story like BSG or Dollhouse (although Dollhouse's finale was good, as long as you had watched Epitaph One) or LOST. There were no questions to be answered at the end of Scrubs- at least, nothing hard. It was just "what happened to the characters?" But rather than giving us a definite answer, we saw JD imagining the happy ending. Given how JD imagines things multiple times an episode, it was a perfect device. And it was exactly the ending I wanted. And add to it the "Book of Love" music... absolutely, perfectly lovely. It was exactly what I wanted from the Scrubs finale, and it was perfect, despite the fact JD had really been driving me nuts the past few seasons.

Going to the zoo tomorrow with some friends, as long as it doesn't rain. I am really looking forward to it, especially as I've just been feeling really isolated and lonely recently. The people we're going with are my best friend in the development and her two kids. We're packing lunches and having ice cream afterwards, so it should just be plain awesome.

Got a chance to outline a bit more of Agency today. Don't know that I'll have time to write (sleep is sounding appealing), but at least I have an idea where I'm going. But good lord, is it a can of worms fic!
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TV meme, Day 21: Favorite Ship

I promise I was thinking this before [livejournal.com profile] puszysty posted hers. It was a case of great minds :)

The truth is, I've got ships here and there, but they don't tend to be the big ones. More than that, more often they don't even tend to be the romantic ones. Or they are, but it's not a big deal. My OTPs for various shows are:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Giles and Buffy's father-daughter relationship
Firefly: Mal/Serenity, with Zoe/Wash being a close #2.
Battlestar Galactica: Fandomwise it's a tie between Zarek-Gaeta father-son, and Gaeta/Hoshi. On the show... it used to be A/R, but by the end I guess it was Saul/Ellen. I don't know. I had ones I liked, but nothing that was as OTP status.
Dollhouse: Topher/Bennet
West Wing: CJ/Danny, with Abby/Jed being a close second
Terminator, SCC: John-Derek's nephew-uncle relationship
Futurama: I do like Fry/Leela :)

Eh, I forget what else and I'm feeling REALLY lazy. I should write. I should also make myself crackers with brie and cranberry-craisin-walnut topping. Yes. I think this is an excellent plan.
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TV Meme: Day 19: Best TV Show Cast

This is a hard one, because frankly, I like the casts of all my shows. BSG has an awesome cast. West Wing has an awesome cast. Buffy has an awesome cast. Firefly had an awesome cast. LOST has an awesome cast. I really can't choose on this one.

Day 20: Favorite Kiss

Oh, I don't know! To be honest, I'm not crazy about watching people kiss. I'll give you three, because they actually say something about me, I suppose. Under the cut )

The 30 days again )

Running is going... okay. I've got what I am positive is a Morton's neuroma, and I want to have it actually looked at and work out ways that I can run without it getting worse. I've gotten some great advice from a doctor friend and it's really confirmed exactly what the problem is, but I'm thinking it's time for some face-to-face (or face-to-foot, as the case may be) time so I can make sure this sucker doesn't get any worse. I did get new shoes yesterday- I went in for padding and the guy selling me shoes pointed out how tight they were. I did feel a difference in my other foot running last night, but I can still feel the neuroma in my right foot. I know padding is the next step- an orthodic or insole or something.

I also finished the prologue at least for my big bang. Whoohoo! I have a start! I still need to get moving on a ton of fics, but now that Fireflies is out of the way, I can maybe write something a little easier. But I'm really excited about my big bang. I came up with a twist the other day that is pure evil. >:) And interestingly, Kara barged in with guns blazing, declaring that she gets a major role in this story. Which is funny, because I so rarely write her. But she's right, and besides, I'm not stupid enough to argue with an armed Kara Thrace.

My interesting problem with the story is I need to find people who actually support what Roslin is doing. cut for details of BSG/Dollhouse )

Hee. It's the Sesame Street episode where Paul Rudd gets frustrated that the princesses keep rescuing themselves again. I'm getting sick of this one (I think Toby is, too), but I love the message for girls in this one.

Okay. I should write something while Sesame Street finishes. Hmmm....
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TV Meme:

Day 17: Favorite Miniseries

This is actually the first one where I can't decide, so two very dramatically different miniseries for you:

Band of Brothers. This one was just amazing. I'm not sure what else to say about it, but I love seeing the bonds forged between the company, and the amazing dedication and sacrifice of these men (I'd say and women, but the female contribution is not focused on in this series, for the most part).

And then, on the total opposite end of the scale...

Alice, from the Sci-Fi network. I was shocked at this one- it was actually really, really good. And Alice- a black belt, butt kicking girl who goes off to save her boyfriend- was a really interesting heroine. And I loved Hatter, who stole the show. But this was a fascinating look at Alice in Wonderland, twisted into a very different way and not remotely canon, but I'm glad it wasn't. A bit steampunk, a bit trippy (okay, a lot trippy), and overall SO much better than Riverworld.

Day 18: Favorite Title Sequence

I absolutely love the title sequence from The Pacific. The music is gorgeous, and I love charcoal drawings, and then those drawings coming to life... it's gorgeous. Definitely the best title sequence I've seen in years.

Although, let's be honest- the 80s had some of the BEST TITLE SONGS EVER. Greatest American Hero, St. Elmo's Fire, The Dukes of Hazzard, M*A*S*H, and even the A-Team all had incredibly memorable songs. (I just found the A-Team intro here. I have not watched it since I was a child, and now find the sight of a Cylon walking by Mr. Girls-have-cooties Dirk Benedict really entertaining.) But I'll keep The Pacific as my choice for the title.

Almost done the Kara-Felix story. Whoohoo! And we're hitting the creek today, which should be fun.

Have a good one!
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Been a nice weekend. I've gotten three runs in- seven miles on Saturday, three yesterday, and three today. The Saturday one was the best- I went around noon today, and HOT. Wow. We also had company last night, which was really nice. Today we're going to my in-laws for a BBQ, so I need to finish making dessert.

Speaking of dessert, I have been on a real kick this weekend. Two of the desserts are from this cookbook: Chocolate Days. I made a bundt cake that promised you did not need frosting. For once, the promise was fulfilled (and this is from me, who will dip chocolate into chocolate ganache, okay?) The cake was super-moist and super rich and very tasty. I also am making a tri-chocolate pie, although it's really more like a cheesecake. It's got a chocolate cookie crust, milk chocolate cheesecake, and a white chocolate cheesecake mousse crown. And for last night, I made white chocolate and lemon mousse parfaits with strawberries. The lemon mousse is very strong and kind of overwhelms the white chocolate one, but aside from that, this dessert is amazing. I also think you could stretch this recipe to 10-12 servings by adding more berries, and think it would be delectable with blueberries or raspberries. (I wouldn't use a mix- I think it would be too many flavors, unless you just make one mousse.) If anyone wants the recipes for either chocolate dessert, let me know.

TV meme!

Day 16: Your guilty pleasure show

The Big Bang Theory. This is the closest I've got to a guilty pleasure show. I say that because I've seen many people point out various issues about the show that they don't like on a deeper level than "I just don't think it's funny." Personally, I'm not bothered by the show and I adore it, but I have become very, very aware (especially after sticking my foot in my mouth) that other people are, and that can make me feel awkward about confessing my love for it. So, yeah, it's the closest I've got to a guilty pleasure, I guess.

And because they're the ones going around my list right now:

Mini-DVD Meme: Pick a paragraph or any passage less than 500 words from any fanfic I've written, and comment to this post with that selection. I will then give you a DVD commentary on that snippet of what I was thinking when I wrote it, why I wrote it, what's going on in the character's heads, why I chose certain words, what this moment means in the context of the fic, and anything else you'd expect to find on a DVD commentary track.

Icon meme: Pick one of my icons and I'll write you a ficlet based on said icon. (Although not my boys or the Dixie Chicks, please.)

Hope everyone has a good Memorial Day!
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Whee! Remix reveals are out!

I did not remotely guess my remixer, which is funny. [livejournal.com profile] lyras is someone I have seen for ages around the HP fandom, and then again in the BSG fandom. We seem to move in parallel, but have never completely crossed paths until the [livejournal.com profile] bsg_remix. But anyway, if you haven't already, go read the remix written for me, No Way Back by [livejournal.com profile] lyras. It's a remix of Come Talk to Me, and it is just heartbreaking and makes me cry.

I wrote two fics this year, both of which [livejournal.com profile] puszysty and [livejournal.com profile] grey_sw guessed (so give me a prompt, guys!) Amusingly, one was for [livejournal.com profile] grey_sw, and the other one was for voodoochild/[livejournal.com profile] bluerosefairy. The one for [livejournal.com profile] bluerosefairy turned out to be very obvious, I think: Be My Mirror, My Sword, My Shield (The Girl All the Bad Guys Want Remix), which is a remix of atlanta never looked the same, and was a Tom Zarek fic. The one for [livejournal.com profile] grey_sw was a little less obvious: The Story of Those Who Always Loved You (We Are Family Remix), a remix of Family Snapshot.

Remix meta under here. )

We watched Brothers last night. It didn't get a good critical review overall, and I am at a loss as to why. I actually thought the writing was amazing, and the acting... Jake Gyllenhaal and Tobey Maguire did great, but it was Natalie Portman that broke me. It finished and I just burst into tears. Like, full-fledged sobs. I don't know that I'll ever watch it again, but it was... wow.

We have company coming soon and I guess I'm going for a run, so no writing for me today. ::sniff:: Oh well. But the TV meme!!!

TV Meme: Day 15: Favorite Female Character

Look, BSG ladies, you are complex and wonderful and I really, really appreciate you all and love you. But for sheer likeability? It is really hard to beat:

Kaylee Frye. I almost don't want to say why I like her, because it makes her sound Mary Sue-ish. She's sweet as anything, she's pretty, she's uncannily good with engines, and she enjoys herself and life and pretty much everyone likes her. She's strong, she tells you what she's thinking, she's stubborn, she's bullheaded, and she's loyal and kindhearted. The reason she's NOT a Mary Sue is because canon doesn't twist itself around her. She saves the day when her character would naturally save the day, but she doesn't suddenly acquire strange skills (the scene with Kaylee with the gun, actually, speaks wonderfully to this point) and she doesn't have everyone falling in love with her. Her awkward relationship with Simon where they're attracted to each other but still learning each others' languages is sweet, and although I never saw it as a lifetime thing, it makes me really happy to hear that there was a- what, comic or something?- where that might be the case.

I love a lot of other female characters, but Kaylee is the one I want to be.

That said, hope everyone has a good weekend and stay safe if you're driving!
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TV Meme: Day 14: Favorite Male Character

This might actually shock you a little (well, maybe), and there's more than one picture, so I'm putting it behind a cut. )

Remix reveals tomorrow! I'm psyched. I have no real idea who wrote mine, because it's a Harry Potter remix. I'm not fluent in who all is out there in Harry Potter any more, and they chose a gen fic anyway.

I'm going to make two guesses:

1.) [livejournal.com profile] midnitemaraud_r. This one makes some interesting sense. She posted that she pwned her remix right around the same time AO3 said the one written for me had been turned in. Of course, this was the day before the remixes were due, so that evidence can't possibly interpreted any other way, right? Right :) But the other thing that made me think maybe was that when she got her remix assignment, she said she was surprised or something. Given that I remixed her a few years ago, that would work.

2.) [livejournal.com profile] snorkackcatcher. All I got to go on here is that it's gen, and it seems like the kind of story he'd go for.

Real scientific, right? If anyone wants to take a guess at the two I wrote, the poll thingie is here.

And speaking of writing, two The Space Between Us Atlantis fics!!!! :)

Ten Rounds with Jose Cuervo, where Gaeta and the Tighs get drunk. I had fun with this one :)

Teach Your Children Well by [livejournal.com profile] kappamaki33, which is sweet and set much, much later and is Gaeta/Hoshi and not angsty :)

Also, interesting question. Toby was asking me about Memorial Day the other day, and of course we were talking about the armed forces. Toby asked me "are army guys good guys?"

I have lots of respect for people who choose the military and to defend our country, even if I don't always agree with what the military is sent to do. But I also have a problem whitewashing any one group of people and saying "yes, they're good guys" because:

1.) Not everyone in that group is "good", and

2.) In a four year old's mind, then there are "bad guys", and you can see where that goes.

How do you answer this question for a four year old? Just say "yes, the army guys are good guys?" or what? I mean, I can explain what I think, but he's FOUR and he just doesn't get it all.

Okay. I should either clean or write. Have a good Saturday!
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Gah- I'm bored. I shouldn't be- I should be cleaning. But I still am bored. I'm also dealing with writer's block, because this Kara-Felix fic is HARD. I like how it's coming out, but writing Leoben is tough. I actually want to do something with Felix and Louis post-The Space Between Us, something where they DON'T fight, but I have no ideas. Actually, truth? I want to read something with Felix and Louis post-Space Between Us. Weird.

Anyone got short, ficlet sized prompts? Help me procrastinate Kara and Felix getting their hearts ripped out and stomped on? (Also, anyone up for betaing this one when I'm done? I think I want a beta for them.)

TV Meme: Day 13- Favorite childhood show

Hee. Time to embarrass myself. My favorite show when I was a kid?

Thundercats, ho!

Yes, this was my favorite. And I even liked WilyKit and WilyKat.

Okay, big confession here (although I think many of you have heard this before.) Way back, when I was a kid, long before I even knew what fanfiction was, I wrote it. I would write crossover plays, where the Thundercats met He-Man and the Smurfs, and my brother, my sister, my friends and I would read them into a cassette player and record them. (I seem to remember thinking I could do Cringer's voice from He-Man.) Thankfully, I think those tapes are all destroyed now, which is the only reason I confess this. But yes, those were my first fanfics.

The funny thing is this question does remind me of what my first ship was. I am 99% positive now that my first ship ever was Cheetara/Tygra. (Also, if they ever made the live action movie, for some reason I think Ewan McGregor should play Tygra, unless it would taint his career forever.) Of course, Cheetara was like, the token adult female, but still.

This concludes my "Embarrassing Secrets About Me" day :)
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TV Meme:Day 12 - An episode you've watched more than 5 times

I thought about being smart and using something like Sesame Street or Life or Planet Earth, but I don't really watch them after the first time. But this one I do:

Jaynestown. Definitely Jaynestown. When I rewatch, I generally rewatch for the funny. And "The Hero of Canton" is one of those moments that just doesn't. get. old. From Simon, the diabolical master of disguise to Wash getting drunk of his ass to River and Book discussing theology to "too much hair" to yes, Jayne himself, I love this episode. It's not my favorite (Ariel is), but it is definitely the funniest in my book.
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First of all, you guys are AWESOME. I love that I can ask my f-list "okay, aliens are going to take over the world", and you guys have world domination schemes worked out. How cool is that?

Lousy day for writing. I took the kids to a friends' (that was fun) and washed the windows (that was not). Didn't get much down time in there. And the Cylons are being difficult. Makes me wonder if Tom wouldn't appreciate my attention more.

TV Meme

Day 11. A Show That Disappointed You.

Sure, there have been others. But Heroes is the only show I fell in love with hard and then had to actually break up with. I LOVED the first season. It was so amazing. I didn't even hate the second season. But they just kept resetting and having no clue where they were going and changing their minds about who was dead and not giving new characters a chance (I loved the girl that could mimic movements that she saw)... And it would. not. let. Sylar. go.

I rarely break up with a show. I watched LOST through to the end. BSG only disappointed me badly in 4.5. I knew West Wing and Buffy got weaker in later seasons, but there's a difference between "weaker" and "I can't watch this anymore." Cancellations disappointed me. But Heroes... that was the big one. I don't even know where my House of M icon is anymore.

But for fun, here's an old article I wrote: Heroes vs. Lost Written in 2007 (so there are a few changes, like Sayid DEFINITELY wins and I forget a few of the others), but still fun.
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First of all, this article is pissing me off. Who the hell cares what Elena Kagan dresses like or how she wears her hair??? Come on. Criticize her (or praise her) on something a little more substantive, please. How she wears her hair and what clothing she wears is going to have very little bearing on how she votes on the Supreme Court. I'd go into a huge rant about it, but instead, I'll give you a fic rec from the [livejournal.com profile] bsg_remix: Truth Itself Becomes Suspicious. [livejournal.com profile] frakcancer says everything I want to say much more eloquently. UGH.

Anyway, original fiction question that comes from internet and fandom. Do I appreciate that the word "fail!" exists these days, or does it make me paranoid?

Here is the problem: Aliens are coming to take over Earth. read more )

And TV meme:

10. A show you thought you wouldn't like but ended up loving.

I debated a couple for this one (including BSG! Hey- I was thinking the cheesy 70s series), but the one I must use is:

I bought the first season of TWW as a gift for my husband. I didn't think I'd be interested- I'm not a political person and I didn't think this could sustain my interest. WRONG. So wrong! After the pilot, I was convinced I'd like it, and after they brought in Charlie (Charlie!) I was hooked. I might be a Libertarian, but I think I'd vote for Jed Bartlett.

(Also- Fringe people- in the finale, did you notice the West Wing posters?? They were on Season 11! There's a reason to move over to the other side!)
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Things about today:

1.) I have Cold Stone Creamery jelly beans. I think I still like regular Jelly Bellies a little better, but these are pretty awesome. I am surprised how much I am loving the mint mint chocolate chocolate chip ones, because normally I don't care for mint in jelly beans.

2.) TV Meme!

09. Best scene ever

It will probably shock you that I did not pick a Battlestar Galactica scene. I thought about doing a top five thing, but the truth is, one scene jumped out to me immediately, and it's such an intense, powerful scene that it would really, really, really take a lot to ever change this answer. Despite many wonderful scenes in many wonderful shows, this one stands out to me:

Toby buries the Korean War vet in In Excelsis Deo from the West Wing.

Seriously, every time I watch this, I just sob. Between Toby doing the right thing, and Mrs. Landanham and her boys, and the beautiful version of Little Drummer Boy, which is my all-time favorite Christmas carol... Whenever I watch this, I don't cry. I sob. And even my husband tears up at this one.

Amazing, powerful, heart-wrenching scene.

3. I've read all the BSG remixes. I've read a few of the HP remixes. (Which, I haven't read HP in AGES.) I've read the Big Bang Theory remix. I haven't bothered to put together a rec list yet, because I'd rec anything I read. The six BSG remixes are here (And they are ALL excellent), and the fandom tags for remix is here.

Anyone got guesses on what I wrote? I wrote two this year. :) One is pretty damn obvious, the other... maybe not so much, but probably. As always, remix has been a great challenge, and thanks to [livejournal.com profile] musesfool and her minions for running it! Guess 'em both and I'll write you a ficlet :)

[Poll #1569063]

4. I did my first "sit for an hour and work exclusively on original stuff" today, and I'm really excited. I'm still in the outlining stages, but I just started brimming over with ideas. I've got several pages of notes that hopefully I will be able to decipher later!

5. Speaking of writing, guess I should do it. Hope everyone is having a good day!
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Watching the LOST finale. Won't say anything spoilery, except thank you for actually remembering the characters that are gone.

#1. TV Meme.

Day 07 - Least favorite episode of your favorite TV show

No, not Black Market. Black Market is dumb and boring, but it could be worse. No, not the Woman King. The Woman King had potential. Yes, Deadlocked. There was some stuff about Deadlocked that was good, but the babies = love (or as [livejournal.com profile] nicole_anell puts it, "TIGH'S CHEATING HEART KILLED A FETUS") struck me as so incredibly dumb AND offensive, that Deadlocked is my winner for worst episode ever.

Day 08 - A show everyone should watch

Because the Muppets make EVERYTHING better. They might not fix things, but they make them better.

#2. REMIX is LIVE! (Just in case you were living under a rock.)

The fic written for me was a bit of a surprise: it was No Way Back, a remix of Come Talk to Me. It's utterly stunning, gen, and a story about Percy reflecting on his family on the same night they're thinking about him. I have a very hard time being objective about this one, but it's absolutely wonderful regardless. Go read it. I can't do the rec justice because of the nature of this one, but it's beautiful.

#3. I keep talking about it, and I finally wrote the damn thing!

Title: The Woman King (The Gaeta Version)
Characters: Gaeta, Hoshi, Zarek, Narcho, Dee, Dr. Robert, Dr. Cottle
Pairings: some light Gaeta/Hoshi, and Narcho crushing pretty heavily on Dee
Summary: After stabbing Gaius Baltar, Felix Gaeta is assigned to Dogsville. He was prepared for the headaches and the boredom. He wasn't prepared to investigate a murder.
Author's Notes: I've been talking about this one for a long time. My issue with The Woman King is not the episode itself, but context. Part of the problem (I think) with this episode is it comes too close on the heels of Torn/A Measure of Salvation, making Helo come off as too self-righteous. But also, in hindsight, there are some issues in 4.5 that could have been addressed earlier. Things like Gaeta and Zarek interacting, giving Zarek a chance to champion the side of right, actually introducing Hoshi as Gaeta's lover, and maybe since when did Gaeta hang out with Narcho? I've been maintaining that you if you redid The Woman King with these issues in mind, it would have more redeeming value than Helo roaming around without his shirt on. (Although, let's face it, that's a pretty redeeming value.)

The Woman King (The Gaeta Version) )
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Gorgeous day out today. The kids played out on the slip and slide until Trevor got so tired he wanted to play but all he could do was cry. I felt bad for him, and he fell asleep almost the second he was in his bed for his nap. But he was having so much fun keeping up with the big boys! (Toby had a friend over.)

Can it be Sunday already? Well, not Sunday, but remix! I'm so excited.

TV meme

Day 06 - Favorite episode of your favorite TV show

My favorite BSG characters: Gaeta, Tyrol, Tigh, Anders (Dee, Cally, and Ellen, but they aren't in this.)
My Kara pairing of choice: Kara/Sam, partly because she's so messed up and he gets her.
My favorite BSG arc: New Caprica
One of my utter loves in stories: how big, nasty events mess people up in their lives after.
Another one of my loves: moral shades of gray, but the right thing happening in the end.
One of my favorite Adama lines: "Keep jumping."

Is it any surprise at all that Collaborators is my all-time favorite BSG episode, despite the fact it's depressing as hell? Great writing, great acting, and very understated in a lot of spots. (Like that least scene, between Tyrol and Gaeta? ::heart breaks::)

I just still wish the show had addressed the fact that Zarek once ordered Gaeta's death.


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