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Gah. Ever have one of those days that should be good but things just go wrong? Went over to friends' houses this morning, and as we were making our way back (after arguing with Toby if he was going to ride his bike or not), hubby stopped as he drove out of the development. "You have your keys, right?" he asked.

"Yup," I said, jangling my keychain.

About 100 yards from home, Trevor tripped and skinned his knee. Great. So he's howling, Toby wants off his bike, Toby is soaked from playing with a hose with his buddies, and it's getting really hot. I pull out my keys... only to discover that I'd left the house key tied to my shoes when I went running last night.

In a word, shit.

Went next door to the neighbor's and ring the bell, because the Mister's car is in the driveway. Either he doesn't hear me or thinks I'm a salesman or whatever, but I figure I'll go to the other side. Try two more neighbors, no one is home. Go back to the original, because I know they have a copy of our key after I locked myself out of the house five months pregnant wearing only robe and relying on my forgotten Chinese to get back in. However, the Mister doesn't even know we have a key, and can't find it. All does end well- I called hubby and he hadn't gotten too far as he was eating lunch at the local Wegman's (where, amusingly enough, he ran into the Missus from next door), and he came home and let us in. But this entire time Trevor his howling because his knee hurts and won't let me put him down and Toby is asking question after question and my back is KILLING me and my head is killing me.... AND I made the mistake of mentioning going out for lunch, so Trevor is dying to go to McDonald's. (I swear- that kid and McDonald's....)

So this afternoon, after the kids finish naps/upstairs time, we make cupcakes. Usually, this is a fun activity. But it's getting less fun now that they're old enough to fight over whose turn it is. And they keep asking me if they can lick the beaters yet. I finally DO give them the beaters... and it's ever so much fun because Trevor is in that stage where he can't bear to get anything on his hands. One drop and it's "SPILL! SPILL! SPILL!!! NAPKIN!! NAPKIN!! NAPKIN!!" Grow out of this already, please. (Also, kiddo, if you don't like the feeling of hair in your mouth, maybe you shouldn't put your snow leopard's tail in there, huh??? I'm just saying....)

Anyway, the cupcakes should be good. I really like this recipe. It is the one cupcake recipe I've ever made where I truly think that it does not require frosting. This makes it ideal for two reasons: 1.) it's a quick dessert, and 2.) the kids are not allowed to bring anything with frosting as a snack for preschool. (The logic is 2 teachers + 18 kids + frosting = a bigger mess than they feel like cleaning up. I understand this logic.) But I am a frosting LOVER, and I made these once with frosting, and we all thought they tasted better without. They really do taste a lot like chocolate chip cookies, but with a lighter texture. (They aren't quite cupcake texture, though. They're neat.)

So, Chocolate Chunk Cookie Cupcakes )
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TV Meme: Day 14: Favorite Male Character

This might actually shock you a little (well, maybe), and there's more than one picture, so I'm putting it behind a cut. )

Remix reveals tomorrow! I'm psyched. I have no real idea who wrote mine, because it's a Harry Potter remix. I'm not fluent in who all is out there in Harry Potter any more, and they chose a gen fic anyway.

I'm going to make two guesses:

1.) [livejournal.com profile] midnitemaraud_r. This one makes some interesting sense. She posted that she pwned her remix right around the same time AO3 said the one written for me had been turned in. Of course, this was the day before the remixes were due, so that evidence can't possibly interpreted any other way, right? Right :) But the other thing that made me think maybe was that when she got her remix assignment, she said she was surprised or something. Given that I remixed her a few years ago, that would work.

2.) [livejournal.com profile] snorkackcatcher. All I got to go on here is that it's gen, and it seems like the kind of story he'd go for.

Real scientific, right? If anyone wants to take a guess at the two I wrote, the poll thingie is here.

And speaking of writing, two The Space Between Us Atlantis fics!!!! :)

Ten Rounds with Jose Cuervo, where Gaeta and the Tighs get drunk. I had fun with this one :)

Teach Your Children Well by [livejournal.com profile] kappamaki33, which is sweet and set much, much later and is Gaeta/Hoshi and not angsty :)

Also, interesting question. Toby was asking me about Memorial Day the other day, and of course we were talking about the armed forces. Toby asked me "are army guys good guys?"

I have lots of respect for people who choose the military and to defend our country, even if I don't always agree with what the military is sent to do. But I also have a problem whitewashing any one group of people and saying "yes, they're good guys" because:

1.) Not everyone in that group is "good", and

2.) In a four year old's mind, then there are "bad guys", and you can see where that goes.

How do you answer this question for a four year old? Just say "yes, the army guys are good guys?" or what? I mean, I can explain what I think, but he's FOUR and he just doesn't get it all.

Okay. I should either clean or write. Have a good Saturday!
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Ugh. What a day.

Watched Riverworld last night. It was bad. REALLY bad. The idea looked kind of neat, but the editing sucked, the exposition altered between not enough and dumping, and the dialogue was painful. Want proof?

Samurai girl: It is time.
Hal: Time for what?
Samurai girl: Time to be brave!

So, yeah. Didn't make it all the way through and deleted it off the DVR.

Speaking of bad TV, the TV meme

Day 05 - A show you hate

Why do I hate it? Let me count the ways:

1.) The kids are not old enough to make their own decisions about this sort of thing. Frak em up a little more, why don't you?

2.) You are not a special snowflake for having so many kids. Yes, it's unusual. And no, I could care less.

3.) It has put John and Kate Gosselin ALL OVER THE PLACE. Seriously- it's as bad as Paris Hilton. I do not remotely care about these people, their marriage, their diets, their hair, their views on politics or fashion, or their ability to dance. Just get them off my TV, off my internet, and off my radio, please!

Just for the record, The 30 days )

I also remember an issue I have with Kate Gosselin. She was on a People magazine cover or something, and the caption was "Isn't a Mom allowed to have a little fun?" Well, yes, we are. But just... ARGH. It's not because she's a mom having fun that I can't stand her.

But ironically, that leads into what happened the other night. I took the kids out, and this older woman complimented me on the boys' behavior. LOVE hearing that, of course, because it's rare enough that anyone in this world tells anyone else they're doing a good job. Then she asked me if I stay home with my kids, and she said she could tell.

As much as her telling me she appreciated my boys' behavior made me feel good, her compliment really kind of bugged me as she went on. I mean, on the one hand, I have my reasons for staying home and it's really kind of nice to hear someone acknowledge that. On the other hand, I felt highly disloyal to my fellow moms. I mean, I know kids where both parents work and they are an absolute joy and delight. I know kids whose moms stay at home and they are freaking terrors. (I know less of the second, mainly because if the kids are true terrors, we steer clear.) It just is one of those things that bugs me.

But anyway. I did have to take a few - OMG, FRINGE! Broyles' ringtone!!!!! - sorry. We went to the library again, and cuteness abounds.

A couple of pictures. )
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::sigh:: I am just in a MOOD today.

Toby woke up with a wet bed, which was strike one. I had to give him a bath, and then I couldn't find Trevor's shoes ANYWHERE, and we had to take Toby to preschool. I tossed a very angry Trevor in the car, having to listen to "sneakers ON! sneakers ON!" for half the ride there. (He wasn't getting out of the car. It really didn't matter.) Came home, made the dough for the tarts I'm making, and called a friend.

Friend and I haven't gotten together much recently, so we decided to take our crews to Chik-Fil-A for lunch. It's the only place in our town with an indoor playground, and it's raining. The kids were fine, but after lunch, when they were playing in the indoor playground, an entire class of... I don't know, seven or eight year olds? showed up and invaded. The playground is small, the kids were big, and there was no adult supervision. The kids were at that age where they naturally aren't considerate of the little guys, I guess, and my friend and they had no adult supervision. Friend and I were eying our guys carefully, but I nearly lost it when the rough-housing kids pushed back and caught Trevor's head in between them and the bar. OUCH. And then they started actively kicking and punching each other. GREAT.

Needless to say, we went to her house. :P

Got home, took the tart shells out of the pan... or tried to, anyway. Some of them came out fine. Others stuck. So now I need to remake them. GREAT. And I'm trying to work on my remix pinch hit, but have the unfortunate problem of the song that I'm using as a working (and possibly end) title just going through my head.

Gah. I'd like to do a meme or something, but I probably shouldn't distract myself too badly from what I'm meant to be writing. Anyone up for a round of marry, frak, cliff or something? :)

Here. I'll start with the leading man version: Lee Adama, Harry Potter as an adult, Jack Shepherd.


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