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Birthdate:Nov 9
Location:Pennsylvania, United States of America
Mini-bios. Bleh. I'm old, I'm overeducated, and I secretly love being called "Doctor" (of philosphy, not medical, but still). I'm a stay-at-home mom to two boys, and in a former life I was a fuel scientist.

One of the big things I do on this journal is write fanfic. I used to write under the name lupinslittlesis, but as I'm moving away from being Harry Potter exclusive, I switched my name to lls_mutant. The lls is still for lupinslittlesis, the mutant reflects Mutant Reviewers from Hell. Check out our site, btw. We're awesome :)

Why do I write fanfic? I can give you three reasons, bullet-style.

1.) It's easy. I'm trying to write original stuff, too, but it requires a lot of planning and sometimes it's easier just to write. All the setting and overarching plot and world building are done for you- you just get to play in someone else's sandbox.

2.) It's gratifying. Who doesn't love feedback?

3.) It's a social connection. Which is really the biggest truth- when you're stuck at home all the time as a stay at home mom, some sort of internet connection is really nice.

Most of what I write does focus around secondary characters, mainly because they're the ones with stories to tell. As much as I love the main characters, they get dealt with in canon. It's the people in the background that have room to play with and stories that aren't heard. And yes, I write a lot of slash, mainly between Remus and Sirius in Harry Potter, and Gaeta and Baltar or Gaeta and Hoshi on Battlestar Galactica. Most of what I write is not terribly explicit, but it is usually pretty long. I'm a plot girl, and I write a lot of gen, too- or near enough to it.

Outside of fic, I write for Mutant Reviewers From Hell, a "cult" (not as much anymore) movie review website that tries to skip pretension and just say what we really think about movies. Stop by and check us out, especially our Forum, which is one of the nicest on the internet. I also am working (slowly) on some original stuff, but I don't feel comfortable discussing that in any sort of public forum. On the one hand, I'm not egotistical enough to think that my ideas are so brilliant people will rip them off; on the other hand, I'm also not going to take the chance.

And outside of writing, I have two little boys and a wonderful husband, and live a happy to live, boring to talk about life.

Friending Policy: You are more than welcome to friend me. However, please do not be offended if I don't friend you back. Most of my f-locked stuff is locked for a reason, and I prefer to have some idea of who you are before I friend you. However, if you're here for the fics, don't worry.

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