Mar. 31st, 2010

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One more thing I should have mentioned: Many of you may know about it, but the big, multifandom remix has signups open for 12 more hours. Or so. It's probably about 10 right now. It's a fun challenge, although flexibility is a requirement ;) However, if you happen to qualify in the Sherlock Holmes 2009 fandom, they're desperate for people. (Also? More BSG people are ALWAYS good!!)
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Because I responded in [ profile] ivanolix's journal, guess I have to put it up here. :)

1. Give me a pairing (or character, or the name of a show) and a prompt (a word, a phrase, a situation, an emotion, a few lines from a song or, hell, even an entire song) and I will do my best to write you a snippet based on your request.

2. Post to your own little corner of LJ offering to write snippets for people, thus spreading the joys of comment fic/porn.

3. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ficcy goodness. \o/

Feel free to stretch me or not- anything is game. :) And I'll try to actually keep it a snippet, instead of an entire novel.

Other thoughts:

1.) Cally. I am so ready to put this girl to bed. I will be frantically writing tonight. This is definitely the last chapter, not because I'm tired of it, but because this is where the story goes. And I'm psyched, because I LOVE what's supposed to happen in the last chapter, and I really like how it's shaping up.

You know what I missed in a lot of the ending of BSG? One word: dignity.

Which should give you a major hint about what kind of ending this is gonna be. (Hint: no afterlife epilogue this time.)

2.) LOST. They SO needed an end date. I didn't like last night's as much as last week's (I was DYING to know Richard's backstory, and it did not disappoint), but it was still pretty solid. The guy who plays Locke seems like he's lost weight, though. It makes him look meaner. And can we give him an Emmy this year? Because DAMN, he's awesome.

3.) Started reading the Dresden Files books. I am less than halfway through the first one, but it is definitely providing the relief I needed from my Thousand Splendid Suns/Handmaid's Tale duo. Exactly what I needed! I am enjoying the first one immensely.

4.) Debating what to make for Easter dessert. I really want to make these white chocolate and lemon mousse strawberry (or raspberry!) parfaits, but my MIL can't eat anything with seeds. Which sucks, because I am so in the mood for berries. I don't feel like making a cheesecake. Suggestions? It doesn't need to be easy.

One thing I AM considering is these eggs. How cool are they? I'd love to try making striped ones, with 1/3 semisweet chocolate, 1/3 milk chocolate, and 1/3 white chocolate.

5.) It's gorgeous here now finally! I really wish I could have gone running tonight, but I'm on my own. I did tae bo instead. It was probably a good call because it does a lot of arm and core strength, which I need to work on, but I really wish I could have run tonight. Oh well. I've got at least a four miler and a three miler lined up this weekend. (I need to peel back a little.) And I found my marathon training schedule. Which, eek in a very excited way!

6.) Still no dress for my BIL's wedding. I tried it on again and got wishy-washy. Still 70 bucks, and I really don't know when I'd wear it again. :P If all else fails, I have an off-white lace blouse with a gold tank top and a brown or black skirt that I can wear, or a white, green, and yellow sundress if it's warm. But I'd like to find something.

7.) Every now and then Toby's eating hits me again. I made a new-to-them recipe last night- it was hamburger, sauce, and mozzarella cheese on a pizza crust. Toby tried it with minimal, typical-4-year-old convincing. SO would not have happened last year.

8.) Trevor, on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with it. I love the age of two.

9.) Felt like I had a bit of an oops today. Someone knocked on the door at 2:00 (waking up Trevor- grr). I went, and it's a delivery person with a HUGE, GORGEOUS bouquet of flowers. Automatically assume they're from my husband, because it's no special time except Easter, so who else would they be from? Am in shock, because my husband hasn't given me flowers since before we were married. But no one I know- turns out they're for my neighbors, who aren't home. Accept them, but honor privacy and don't look at the card. Assume they're for Easter. Call neighbors, leave message to let them know I have them, rave about the beauty of the flowers on answering machine. Later tonight, see neighbor come home and haul in empty trash can. Run out to give him flowers.

Yeah. Turns out his father died and they buried him today. They were funeral flowers. Oops.

(Not like I said anything horrible- just commented on how gorgeous the flowers were and that I was enjoying having them in the house. But still.)

10.) Supposed to be a gorgeous weekend. I can't wait! Park, here we come!!!


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