May. 7th, 2010

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I started writing my remix! Whoohoo! It's not going to be an epic, which is good, because I do not have time to write an epic, but I'm starting to get excited about it. For once, it's NOT going to be utterly obvious it's me (erm, I think). And that's part of the fun.

Toby's woken up dry 2 out of 3 nights, which, yay. I was wondering how Trevor's transition to his big boy bed would go, and while I appreciate his calm, I wish he'd been a little more excited :) He gets a little excited when it's bedtime, but for the most part, he could care less. However, I should not complain!

Mother's Day is this weekend, which I'm mostly looking forward to, although something's come up that's thrown a possible wrench in our plans. :P If the weekend goes as planned, we're having barbecue tonight (shish-kabobs!), which should be nice. I'm planning on doing a 4-5 mile run tomorrow morning, and WOW do I need it. :P Then Toby has a birthday party, then Howard and I are going out for dinner (Melting Pot- YUM). Sunday, a friend of Howard's may or may not be visiting, and we'll see what happens. But I'm planning on making baked ziti and Milky Way Tarts. A lot depends on what's going on with his parents. But the kids had a Mother's Day program at pre-school this morning. They sang us a few songs and each kid gave their mom a flower in a pot that they had painted and a card. OMG- CUTE! It was adorable.

I think once I get past Remix, since that has a (close) deadline, I want to start designating an hour a day minimum to work on my original stuff. The ideas are starting to solidify a little, and I've got an A plotline and a B plotline that relate to each other, plus all this other stuff. What's difficult for me is that I'm trying to really get a global approach to the "aliens took over the world" thing, which means I'm, you know, including characters that aren't from the United States, or even Europe! One of my characters is from Afghanistan, as mentioned, another one is from Mexico, another one is from Liberia. I have never lived in any of these places, and don't know much about the cultures. So, research, which is fine, but you know what scares me? It's that scene in Inglorious Basterds where spoiler )

Anyway, better get the shishkabobs going. Have a great weekend!


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