May. 12th, 2010

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::sigh:: I am just in a MOOD today.

Toby woke up with a wet bed, which was strike one. I had to give him a bath, and then I couldn't find Trevor's shoes ANYWHERE, and we had to take Toby to preschool. I tossed a very angry Trevor in the car, having to listen to "sneakers ON! sneakers ON!" for half the ride there. (He wasn't getting out of the car. It really didn't matter.) Came home, made the dough for the tarts I'm making, and called a friend.

Friend and I haven't gotten together much recently, so we decided to take our crews to Chik-Fil-A for lunch. It's the only place in our town with an indoor playground, and it's raining. The kids were fine, but after lunch, when they were playing in the indoor playground, an entire class of... I don't know, seven or eight year olds? showed up and invaded. The playground is small, the kids were big, and there was no adult supervision. The kids were at that age where they naturally aren't considerate of the little guys, I guess, and my friend and they had no adult supervision. Friend and I were eying our guys carefully, but I nearly lost it when the rough-housing kids pushed back and caught Trevor's head in between them and the bar. OUCH. And then they started actively kicking and punching each other. GREAT.

Needless to say, we went to her house. :P

Got home, took the tart shells out of the pan... or tried to, anyway. Some of them came out fine. Others stuck. So now I need to remake them. GREAT. And I'm trying to work on my remix pinch hit, but have the unfortunate problem of the song that I'm using as a working (and possibly end) title just going through my head.

Gah. I'd like to do a meme or something, but I probably shouldn't distract myself too badly from what I'm meant to be writing. Anyone up for a round of marry, frak, cliff or something? :)

Here. I'll start with the leading man version: Lee Adama, Harry Potter as an adult, Jack Shepherd.


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