Jul. 12th, 2010

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Fun weekend! We went down to DC with the kids. We only spent one night, but it was a good time. Friday, we went to the Museum of Natural History. Dinosaurs! Giant squid! (Crowds! Grumpy Trevor!) The boys really liked it, although I think Trevor was overwhelmed and tired. Then we met up with my brother and his family. We had an extremely nice visit, and went to the Museum of American History. The kids all really enjoyed looking at the boats and the trains- we didn't make it through much else. (Which was too bad, because I always loved the First Lady dresses. And although my boys would have been bored out of their minds with the dresses, my brother's daughter might have liked them.)

Dinner went... well. I say ...well because on the one hand, it went very smoothly, the food was good, and we mostly had a nice time. On the other hand, poor Trevor (who had missed his nap and walked through both museums and over 10 blocks) was having a meltdown, so either hubby or I was outside with him. We said goodbye to my brother and went back to the hotel, only to find it had no pool. Oops. Fortunately, by then it was 8:30 and Toby didn't seem to care, which was good because Trevor was exhausted. However, we knew that neither of them would sleep as long as we were up, so we all curled up on the beds and watched WALL-E. But when it came time for Trevor to sleep on the mattress we brought for him... oh, no. He wanted Toby's bed. We ended up splitting up- Howard slept with Toby and Trevor slept with me. Howard and I weren't eagerly looking forward to sleeping together anyway- we have a king-sized bed, and the beds in the hotel were fulls. However, we both decided we would have had more room sleeping together, since both of our kids nearly pushed us out of bed as they determined that you don't sleep up-and-down in the bed, you sleep sideways.


We hit the Air and Space Museum the next morning. They loved seeing the space shuttle (which Toby described as "massive"), but it was a whirlwind tour. Hopped in the car and drove home, and I think everyone was really, really glad to get here. Trevor just melted down again last night. Hopefully he'll be in a better mood this morning.

Deliberately not looking at prompts, because I need to get my fic exchange fic done. (Why yes, I am taking it down to the wire.) Missing running desperately (PT said no running for a couple of weeks while we stretch out my heel cords), and waiting for the drabble contest to post results so I can do my reveal.

Okay, Liss. Stop procrastinating and write :)


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