Jul. 24th, 2010

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Okay, f-list- talk to me about Playa Palacios vs. James McManus vs. Sekou Hamilton.

Here's the deal: I need a reporter for Agency, someone Tom Zarek can think he can trust. (Well, that he'll take the risk on trusting them.) So, naturally, he's going to turn to someone who's been fairly anti-Adama and Roslin. However, their wiki pages are pretty scant.

In Colonial Day, Playa is very pro-Roslin, James is very anti-Roslin. However, this is season 1, and Agency takes place in season 4.5.

I seem to remember spotting Playa in the administration of New Caprica. Is she the blond in the back row? I could certainly see Baltar making her his press secretary. That would be easy to tie her and Tom together.

Sekou makes a few pointed comments in A Disquiet Follows My Soul, but the script isn't online anywhere and I can't remember if Playa does.

Other things to consider: it's a very gray role. Without saying too much, there are no truly good guys in this fic, and no truly bad ones either, but this role heads a little grayer, and I get paranoid about this sort of thing. This character ends up doing some screwing over of their own, but I can understand why.

So, James McManus, Playa Palacios, or Sekou Hamilton? Who would Tom Zarek take a chance on not to hand his ass back to Laura Roslin?


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