Aug. 16th, 2010

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Argh. Very bored today. We're just finishing up Toby's episode of Exodus Earth. Poor Tobe doesn't feel good- I think he's got a cold. And Trev and I are just bored.

It's hubby's birthday, but that doesn't do much for us today, as he's stuck on a business trip. Lucky him. We celebrated his birthday with dinner for him and me, and then a few fun gifts. Toby gave him lightsaber chopsticks. He was delighted with himself. :) He also wrote "I love you Daddy" all by himself, which pleased him to no end.

We were going to have ham and mac n cheese tonight, but I think we're going to have a raid the freezer night instead- let Toby have whatever he'll eat, Trevor can have chicken nuggets and corn, and I'll have leftover baked potato soup. What an inspiring menu, huh? although I need to pick the tomatoes in my garden.

Been working on my big bang- almost done chapter 6 out of 10 (I think. We'll see). Yay! I really want to get up to chapter 8 done by the end of the weekend. Is there going to be a post telling us to send our roughs to the artists? I'm looking forward to seeing what my artist will come up with. I've checked out her page, and I really hope she's not too disappointed with my fic. She's a huge Whedon fan. My fic is a cross-over, but it's really the technology that crosses over. Adelle and Topher appear mainly in their business roles, and Victor and Sierra.... I'm afraid people are going to be disappointed with how little they're on the screen. I intended to have more going on with them, but there's so much going on already, and frankly, the story is how BSG would use the technology. Victor and Sierra don't really much matter, because the focus is on some of the ethical implications. Since Roslin is NOT making fancy prostitutes, the ethical implications here really are tough, and I'm really not convinced that she's 100% wrong in all cases. But really, the main characters are very, very much the BSG crew. I can't even pick out a main character this time, or a main pairing.

I'm definitely getting to the point where I want this fic done, though. I have a few other projects, but I really want to start devoting more time to Adamaey Rising. I've been doing research and outlining for it, and I'm excited about it, but I think I need to really pick it up. Also, there's the Never Spoken challenge, which will start in September, and the remixduello, which I'm really excited about.

Speaking of the Never Spoken challenge, is there anyone who would be up to making a banner for it? Nothing fancy, even, but my graphics are... erm, less-than-impressive :) (Although I still love my cookie banner.)

Okay. Pick tomatoes then make dinner. Yay, what an exciting night. What an exciting post :P


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